No icons load on my desktop

WIndows starts up, but no icons seem to load on te desktop.

I can go o safe mode, and restart, but once it loads up normally, i get n oicons.

I just restarted few times and it worked.

It has happened before.

Why would this be
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Booda2usConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello, right-click anywhere on the Desktop, select Active Desktop, and select Show Desktop Icons (a check mark appears next to this option if it is already activated). All your icons should reappear. If you don’t see them all immediately, press the F5 key to refresh your Desktop. I hope this helps..Booda2us
Wooky JackConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I ran into this as well.

Take a look at your options here in case you encounter it next time.
bz43Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you using Windows XP?
If yes, then

1. Right click "Desktop"
2. Mouse over "Arrange Icons By"
3. Check "Show Desktop Icons"
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LFC1980Author Commented:

As i said, ot's working now. So i do not know which of the above woould have worked, so ill just split the points
Wooky JackCommented:
Thanks LFC1980!

LFC1980Author Commented:
"As i said, ot's working now"

no i didn't....doh
Thanx for the points
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