Win 2000 root\system32\ntoskrnl.exe missing or corrupt

I've read some of the other's issue regarding this error message attempting to resolve my issue. I've done the recovery console suggestions in copying the the ntldr file and others as indicated with no luck. Also ran the erd method using both manual and fast recovery. When The fast recovery completes using a erd disk in my floppy I get this message:

Setup cannot create the folder :

Does this mean my ERD disk is bad?

If so I have a Server 2000 to create a new ERD disk - if this will help.

Following the recovery console directions at the command prompt also found I couldn't change to C:\windows directory to copy neccassary files from the cdrom d:i86 file.

Your help will be greatly appreciated!!
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Ryan_RConnect With a Mentor IT Systems AdministratorCommented:
OK then that's helped me alot with this
obviously i got my wires crossed with 2000 setup and XP setup.
When 2000 setup says "Repair" at the start then press R
that's why you went too far the first time.

you don't want to use recovery console - b/c you would have to fix everything yourself one file at a time unless a command does it.
choose the other option and select the option to Replace ALL your system files (maybe in different wording)

if none of this is helping you, then take your HDD out of your PC, set the jumpers (little plastic things that slide on rear of HDD) to SLAVE, and put the HDD in another PC.
turn on the other PC and backup all your files any way that you like and then format the HDD and start again. I still think the repair would work. Otherwise install XP over the top of it, it has a better repair function
from the recov console have you tried a fixboot and fixmbr
mvk-vicapAuthor Commented:
Yes, those methods have been tried as well. Also looked at the bootcfg, but my win 2000 system didn't recognize the command.

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ibu1System AdministratorCommented:
. This is usually due to an error in the boot.ini file. The entry fo rMicrosoft Windows 2000 is either missing or incorrect. Edit the boot.ini file and check the entry for "Microsoft Windows 2000" is correct, for example for an IDE disk the entry should look something like

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows 2000" /fastdetect

Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorCommented:
try doing a repair install of Win2K
it will repair everything in your system folders and keeps your Docs and Drivers and Programs intact
mvk-vicapAuthor Commented:
First Don't know how to access the boot.ini to check the settings from C:\ did the attrib -r-h-s boot.ini
How do I go about changing or viewing the boot.ini file.

Looked into running the repair of my OS:
Selected to install win 2000 - selected leave current file system -then it advised to that a current winnt folder already exists and if I continue everything will be overwritten. I thought the option to repair my current settings would be here. Please correct me if I'm not in the right area and how do I go about attempting to repair my current OS.

Thanks for all of your support!!
Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorCommented:
in windows goto Start>Run and type
notepad c:\boot.ini

you will see it right there (you might not be able to change anything as it's probably read-only until you change it)

with the repair thing you went too far with the pressing Enter

Press enter when it has the option to Press R for Recovery Console
Press F8 for license agreement
Setup should search for current/previous versions of Windows
When it displays a list of OSs on your screen it will give you the option to Press R to repair windows 2000

Last time you would have pressed enter here instead and since you only have 1 partition it warned you about installing on the same partition as your previous version of Windows

try that now
ibu1System AdministratorCommented:
c: <press enter>
cd\ <press enter>
attrib -r -a -s -h boot.ini <press enter>
edit boot.ini <press enter>
ibu1System AdministratorCommented:
There is space between the switches
mvk-vicapAuthor Commented:
When I go to setup win 2000 from the cd:
My first options are:
Setup win 2000 press enter
To repair Win 2000 install press R
To Quit F3
Bottom of screen enter to continue, r=repair, f3 quit
When I hit enter - then it asks me to accept lic F8
Next screen
Nothng in that screen asks me to repair existing win 2000 os on system.
Shows my existing partition info - and asks if to continue with install - choice of deleting and recreating only.
If I select repair options:
repiar using recovery console - press c - then dos prompt appears
repair using erd process - press r
Neither of these options resolved my problems.
If Im missing something please point me in the right direction!!

The boot.ini file
when entering the attrib -r-a-s-h boot.ini appeared to work
edit boot.ini - the command is not recognized
tried c:\type boot.ini
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi<0>disk<0>rdisk<0>partition<1>WINNT="Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional" /fastdetect

Is this how it should look normally?

Now what do I do?
mvk-vicapAuthor Commented:
Anyway thanks for your help - I kind've figured it would lead to reloading my OS.
Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorCommented:
the repair WILL reload your OS but WILL not delete you documents and program files
only things that need reinstalling are Windows Updates from the net
the repair only replaces files in your C:\WINNT  directory, etc
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