Calling a logon script from netlogon share from within a kix script

Hi guys!

I have a kix script that uses ifmember statements to determine what to do next.

What I want to do is from within the kix script, call different netlogon share logon scripts, different ones for users of different group memberships.
Do you use the run statement in a kix script to do this?
If someone could give me clue, that would be great.

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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"ifmember" in a kix script? ifmember is an external tool which is usually used in batch scripts. kix has the "ingroup" command to check group membership.
As far as calling external programs from a kix script are concerned, you can either use "run" or "shell". "run" will NOT wait for the external command to finish, it will continue with the kix script. "shell" will wait for the external command to finish before the kix script continues.
Simon336697Author Commented:
Hi oBdA!

Im embarrassed. Thanks oBdA -  I did mean to say ingroup. Thank you for that.
The reason for the question is we have about 20 different logon scripts that down the track feel they could be consolidated into one kix script (possibly), since each logon script only maps a share drive on the local domain controller. I want to use a kix script based on group membership, and then call their existing logon script from that......working towards transitioning users off their current logon script.
Thanks again.

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