Test Network Layout Exchange & ISA2004

Hi All

My dear old ISP says 12 days to get a connection with the upload speed and static IP I need.  Meantime I need an exchange 2003 test setup as of yesterday.  So what I was going to do was:

   - put an ISA server with a public IP on the external just connected to a switch
  - On the same switch as the ISA box put a workstation with host entries for ISA and use that
    as my pretend external access.

- Have my exchange Front end server sitting off a dmz nic on the ISA box

- win 2003 box running rras connected to the isa internal as a router

- exchange mailbox server sitting behind that

- host entry on the F/E exchange server for the mailbox server

So question 1 is will this layout work?

I was wondering since everything is hanging off dumb swtiches will it all find itself by netbios broadcast and give me false confidence in the layout.  

Do I need a dns server on the same switch as the ISA box so it knows properly where to send return traffic?
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r_naren22atyahooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I did some research before for this i.e.

backend server on LAN
front end server on DMZ
firewall is a PIX...
I did saw the documentation for all the ports that need to be open from dmz to LAN for exchagne comminication.
its a set of nearly 20 to 25 ports that need to be open..

will get back to you on that

ISA 2004 works very well with Exchange 2003, you dont need to put a Front-end in the DMZ, Unless you have more then  1 exchange server in the organization hosting mailboxes.

Do not put a workstation in the Public domain!!!

here is the setup
                                    ISA 2004
                                      LAN-----Exchange Server

The ISA 2004 serves the OWA 2003 frotn end authentication(form based) , i mean
The ISA 2004 Server has the option to publish the OWA 2003 forms for authentication of users.
The successful authentication will pass through the ISA 2004 firewall and connects to exchange server,
if the authentication fails the connection will drop at the ISA 2004 itself. This is a good security measure.
1 more point is the ISA 2004 with SP2 you must use the SSL to public OWA 2003, its a must.

This is a good tutorial for ISA 2004 and exchagne 2003
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ausadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys I understand but I'm trying to model a F/E B/E config for a project I'm starting very soon.  I'm just using ISA because I don't have a hardware FW.  The project will use Pix or Checkpoint.  The workstation isn't in public domain - no net connection right now.

I'd like to do it all as manually as possible because of this.  Any advice on the questions I asked above re: broadcasts and DNS?
ausadminAuthor Commented:
Thanx Naren that sounds great.  Oh boy maybe I should bite the bullet and ebay a baby PIX for this setup.
here is the one with isa 2004

you may have to open some more ports to communicate frontend with domain controler

you will get full list from the microsoft site
there is another document on microsoft site that will give you a detailed listing of ports..
i couldnt find it, may have to search in depth

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