citrix sessions being disconnected every 7 or 8 minutes

I have Citrix Presentation server 4.0 installed on Windows 2003 server.

I have users accessing published application with old (6.1) or new ica client (9.X), all being disconnected every few minutes.

Remote desktop connection works fine and stay connected however, the citrix session only stay active for 7 or 8 minutes or sometime little longer and gets disconnected, users click on the connection again and they only have to log into the server and their published application stays logged in, so it’s the CITRIX. I have checked all the relevant settings in group policy, computer management- user properties, citrix configuration on the server and can’t find why it’s getting disconnected every few minutes. They are supposed to be logged in for 3 hours before being disconnected. My server is all upto date with hot fixes and patches, not sure what other settings need to be changed.
Please help.

The error they get is:
Error in connection: the citrix server is not available, please try again.


Network or dial up problems are preventing commutation with the citrix server. An attempt to automatically restore the connection will begin after a delay to let the network recover. If the problems persist, please contact your system administrator.
eventing communation with the citirx server. An attemt to automatically resotre the connection will begin after a deley to let the network recover.If the problems persist, plesae contact your system administrator.

Thank you
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gsgiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a link

Go down to the Comment from big-poppa  Date: 01/04/2003 12:38PM PST

I know it is an old post - let me know if it helps any....

Is this while they are in the middle of working or when the session is idle or both.  Is this on a lan or wan.
nm6436Author Commented:
Acutally it's in my DMZ zone.  It happens any time, sometime they are actually using the published application, other times it's idle.

When they re-connect, they only have to log in to citrix server, the publised application stays logged in.

Use TSuserlog tool to log the users session.It will be easy to find out the soln when u have logs in u r hand...
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