5.1.0 - Unknown address error - 554 - Rejected for policy reasons

Hi All
Quick question regarding the following
One of our NZ users is trying to send an email, but recieves the following

The following message to <r.kniglt@pgnz.org.nz> was undeliverable.
The reason for the problem:
5.1.0 - Unknown address error 554-'Mail for r.kniglt@pgnz.org.nz rejected
for policy reasons.'

We Are using Exchange 2003, and Outlook 2003
Any help would be much appreciated

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That isn't an Exchange message.
Therefore the email message is being blocked. You will need to ask the recipient why.

A quick DNS report flags that domain as running on Lotus Notes. However if they are blocking for any of the usual DNS issues they need to sort out their own domain first.

Tyco_HealthcareAuthor Commented:
Too Easy
I'll escalate the issue to their admin's.
Thanks heaps for the quick response!
I administer the PGNZ.ORG.NZ domain. That message you received was telling you that the email address does not exist (UNKNOWN ADDRESS). The users last name was Knight, not Kniglt. In these cases a user can email postmaster@"domainname.com" but even easier - just call the recipient and ask if you have the correct email address.
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