Loging into Gmail via php

I have my domain hosted in google (google.com/hosted) and I want to make a login form, that allows me to login in gmail webmail.

any Idea.?
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Sony-ControlledConnect With a Mentor Commented:
find out the values of gmails login like there usename and password right click on gmails website and click view source get the forms name username and password txt field name and the action of where it goes just copy it and make ur on login from that information have the form action redirect to what googles redirect and you have a gmail login it is very simple. Just use what they use and it should work fine
maUruConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you have a domain hosted in google? how!?
BogoJokerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I doubt that you could access it directly from your google domain because gmail is on the mail.google domain.
But you could probably use the CURL library to log into your gmail, access your gmail ATOM feed.  I have not experiemented with CURL at all though.

maUru => Google Page Creator makes http://yourGoogleLogin.googlepages.com/

Joe P
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phlackeeAuthor Commented:

My idea is to put in index of domain login form.

I find a login in Gfile at http://joss.thescholtens.com/projects/gfile/ but grrrr. CURL library . I dont know that one.

$postdata = "service=mail&Email=".urlencode($this->login)."&Passwd=".urlencode($this->pwd)."&null=Sign%20in&continue=https%3A%2F%2Fgmail.google.com%2Fgmail";

this is the url that Joss Scholten use for sending request to google. Maybe someone can redefine this.

phlackeeAuthor Commented:
got it

POST Data:
at      null
continue      https://www.google.com:443/hosted/urbanway.net/Dashboard
service      CPanel
userName      a
password      a
why the hell did i get an assist, damn you.
phlackeeAuthor Commented:
nxnx , dont  tell people that you are asshole.
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