Convert SID to HEX

Posted on 2006-07-17
Last Modified: 2011-09-30

I have a SID that I want to convert to Hex.
I found the following script on the web but it isnt' working.

Set oConvert = CreateObject("ADs.ArrayConvert")
strHexSid = oConvert.CvOctetStr2vHexStr(objSid)

WScript.Echo strhexsid

When I execute the above script I receive error box.
Script:    C:\sidtohex.vbs
Line:       3
Char:      1
Error:     ActiveX component can't vreate object: 'ADs.ArrayConvert'
Code:     800A01AD
Source:  Microsoft VBScript runtime error

If anyone could let me know what I'm doing wrong or if any dlls need to be registered or what ever I need to do I'd appreciate is.

Or if you could tell me how to pull a users SID in an NT4 domain in a Hex format that will work as well.
Question by:Yohaheho
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Expert Comment

ID: 17126810
From the looks of things, you need to install this from MS:

SAMPLE: ARRAYCONVERT.EXE Variant Conversion Functions

Author Comment

ID: 17126999
I placed the files in the system32 directory and I registered ADs.dll
I now get the following error.

Script:    C:\sidtohex.vbs
Line:       5
Char:      1
Error:     Type mismatch
Code:     800A000D
Source:  ADs

Author Comment

ID: 17127058
Actually if I can pull the SID from an NT4 domain in Binary, Decimal or Hex.
Or convert a SID S-1-5-21-603733758-2039161187-5522801-19473 to Binary, Decimal or Hex
That would solve the problem.
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Expert Comment

ID: 17127654

this was a site i used to convert an old SID to Decimal

Author Comment

ID: 17127732
Sakuya su,
I found that site but was unable to make heads or tails of it.
If you post the script you used I can place my own SID in it and run it.

Expert Comment

ID: 17127899
have you included that ADs.dll to your project in references(library reference)?
If not try to include it through menu Project->References.

Author Comment

ID: 17128067
I should have listed in the beginning that I not a programmer.
I'm not sure what you mean by Project->References.
The above lines of code are all that exist in the .vbs
There is no larger program that this is a piece of.
I registered the ADs.dll from the system32 directory.
All I need is for this to convert the SID to either Binary, Decimal or Hex.
Or pull the SID from an NT4 domain in Binary, Decimal or Hex.
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Expert Comment

ID: 17128154
yous SID in the xample come out as:

in Hex

If you want please let me know your email and I'll give you the Converter I made, which converts string to Hex, it can be modded to do the otherway round too and maybe to add Endian Format, its from the code I showed oyu in the ealier post

Author Comment

ID: 17128582
Sakuya su,
That sounds great. Please email it to:
I'm not at work now but will try it tomorrow then award the points.
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Accepted Solution

sakuya_su earned 500 total points
ID: 17128959
ill email u tomorrow night i am not at the computer atm.
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Expert Comment

ID: 17140564
Do you want a string value that contains the Hex representation of a SID, or an actual number variable in your VB program?  SIDs are quite large in memory, and VB doesn't handle numbers larger than 32 bit signed.

If you just want a string, that's pretty straightforward.  Since Sakuya's going to email you a solution, I won't spend time on writing one right now.  I only have a function to convert in the other direction handy (from Hex to SDDL).  For giggles, I'll post that one:

Function HexStrToSDDL(strSid)
  ' Function to convert hex Sid to decimal (SDDL) Sid.
  Dim arrbytSid, lngTemp, i, j, nSubDWords
  Dim nLowIndex, nHighIndex
  ReDim arrbytSid(Len(strSid) / 2 - 1)
  For j = 0 To UBound(arrbytSid)
    arrbytSid(j) = CInt("&H" & Mid(strSid, 2 * j + 1, 2))
  ' Read revision, authority identifier, and number of subauthority identifier DWORDs
  nSubDWords = arrbytSid(1)
  lngTemp = arrbytSid(2)
  lngTemp = lngTemp * 256 + arrbytSid(3)
  lngTemp = lngTemp * 256 + arrbytSid(4)
  lngTemp = lngTemp * 256 + arrbytSid(5)
  lngTemp = lngTemp * 256 + arrbytSid(6)
  lngTemp = lngTemp * 256 + arrbytSid(7)
  HexStrToSDDL = "S-" & CStr(arrbytSid(0)) & "-" & CStr(lngTemp)
  ' Read subauthority values (little-endian DWORDs)
  For i = 0 To (nSubDWords - 1)
    nLowIndex = (4 * i) + 8
    nHighIndex = nLowIndex + 3
    If (nHighIndex > UBound(arrbytSid)) Then nHighIndex = UBound(arrbytSid)
    lngTemp = 0
    For j = nHighIndex To nLowIndex Step -1
      lngTemp = lngTemp * 256 + arrbytSid(j)
    HexStrToSDDL = HexStrToSDDL & "-" & CStr(lngTemp)
End Function

Author Comment

ID: 17142002

Works like a champ.

Thanks a lot
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Expert Comment

ID: 17143283
no problem, if you ever want the source code let me know

Expert Comment

ID: 22044415
Sakuya Su,

Could you please send me the source code for the script that will convert a SID to hex format?
Please email it to me at

LVL 10

Expert Comment

ID: 22044988
Sadly I no longer have the original source, it was done overnight and the HDD corrupted about 3 or 4 months ago

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