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American Megatrends Bios set up.

I thought that I should put this under hardware, but it seemed better here.
I purchased a motherboard, cpu and 2 gigs of ram.
Motherboard ASUS V8V multithread, dual channel
Memory in slot1 and 2 to accomodate dual channel.
CPU AMD Athelon 64 bit 3500 2.2 ghz,

I have questions on the detail set up. The machine works fine, but I would like to know if I need to tweek the following:
Hyper Transfer 1000 mhz
HT Data width upstream 16 bit
HT Data width downstream 16 bit
Memory configuration
Hardware memory hole disabled
Burst length 4 beats
Dram ECC enabled
Dram scrub redirect enabled
L2 cacheBG scrub 40ns
Dram BG scrub 40ns
Data cache BG 40ns
Speed 236 MHZ
Satabootrom enabled (do not have sata drives)
PCI latency timer 64
Pallett snooping disabled
Overclocking 3%
AI Overclocking auto


1 Solution
Unless you are in the market for Overclocking I would recommend to leave all settings 'As Default' on your bios.

However if you do want to OverClock (not that i recommend it) take a look at this site if you havent already:

Robin HickmottSoftware DeveloperCommented:
tbh changing settings your not familiar with in the bios can lead to a whole world of hurt.

If you want to try twaeking your system get a copy of PC Mark or 3DMark or some other mis Benchmarking programs make small changes and see what happens to your score. I dont think theres much you can do on there other than the overclocking that will make a world of difference but then I would read up on it before you do.
are you sure the model is V8V? cannot find anything onit . . .
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gonzal13RetiredAuthor Commented:
Oh, sorry, I made a mistake which engineers should not do. It is an A8V motherboard.
gonzal13RetiredAuthor Commented:
I will provide the data as seen on the bios. It works as it stands. Being an engineer causes one to seek answers to options such as on the bios.

gonzal13RetiredAuthor Commented:
Items that I am interested in:

Ai overclocking [manual]
Cpu FSB set at max
Cpu Voltage speed [manual]CPU Voltage from 1.5 to 1.7
AGP/PCI frequency 75.4/37.7 from auto
DDR Voltage 2.8v from auto
Agp voltage 1.6 4x card from1.5
v-link 2..6 from 2.5
Cpu FSB set at max   Front side bus at max speed - i would leave it
Cpu voltage increase is used to overclock the cpu; so if you don't , leave it, same for DDR voltage
gonzal13RetiredAuthor Commented:

I think it is unusual when one supplies a book with a motherboard for example and does not write it to the general audience.

As for me, my computer is stabalized and I am happy with it.I bought the motherboard specifically with 5 PCI slots so that I could use my existing cards. Also I made sure that it had the capability of a dual core CPU. Thus my next step when the prices come down is to install the fastest dual core CPU that the mother board will accept.

Since I do allot of multi tasking the dual chanel option was very important also.

I used tigerdirect to search for a motherboard that used 5 PCI slots, four memory slots and capable to use Dual core CPU. I tried Intel, but they did not have such a motherboard. Thus I tried Asus and we found a board for my requirements.

My only problem I have now s that the PC weighs 50 pounds since it is a full server case made out of steel.

Also I planned to install the motherboard, CPU and memory my self, but my friend and PC builder gave me a quote of 89 dollars to install the hardware, which I could not pass up.


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