Is it safe to delete mailbox store

Our exchange 2000 mailbox store has reached over 60GB.... I moved all the mailboxes from it to other mailbox stores... there are two left System attendat and smtp.... Can I safely delete that store... would it affect the system by any chance.
I have it dismounted right now and everything seems to be working.
I am obviously trying to claim some disk space as I am down to 2GB.
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NzarthConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have dismounted the store and everything is working to your satisfaction then it should be safe to delete.  If you had a backup of the store that would be great just in case you may need it.
onlinerackAuthor Commented:
this is the initial default mailbox this is why I am asking. :)
onlinerackAuthor Commented:
how about system attendant. I saw some event log errors when it was dismounted.
Can I not dismount it, rename the Priv1 files to priv1old  and mount this store back. would this not recreate the files.

When I tried to delete it earlier, it said there are system and key files that could impact it. so was very nervous.
I am not sure what you are nervous about?  What is you exact setup? (i.e is the other mounted mailbox on another machine and working?).  Basically if the mailbox store is dismounted then it is really a static file doing nothing.

If you delete it....just means you will not get it back.

What errors did you get whilst dismounting?
onlinerackAuthor Commented:
I was getting errors that system attendant cannot logon every minute in the event log when it weas dismounted..... I did an offline defrag for the store and put it back online now everything is complete.... thank you for your help :)
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