Join on Multiple Columns Index Question

I have a query that is performing very poorly, the root cause is the CDTrimOptions table.  I have tried a few indexes and none have seemed to help.  ITW throws an error when I try to tune it unless I take out the 2nd and 3rd join on CDImagesColorized.  Some kind of limitation in ITW that I wasn't aware of.

Could someone offer an index based on the following information or advice on how to speed this up.  Thanks.

SELECT LEFT(IC.originalPath,(LEN(IC.originalPath) + 1 - CHARINDEX('\',REVERSE(IC.OriginalPath)))) AS partImagePath,TT.var_optionimagename as imageName
FROM Consolidata.dbo.CDTrimOptions TT WITH(NOLOCK)
INNER JOIN Consolidata.dbo.CDImagesColorized IC WITH(NOLOCK) ON IC.fkID_107 = TT.fkID_107 AND IC.fkID_108 = TT.fkID_108 AND TT.option_ID = IC.optionID
INNER JOIN Consolidata.dbo.CDTrimLevels TL WITH(NOLOCK) ON CONVERT(VARCHAR(150),IC.fkID_107) + CONVERT(VARCHAR(150),IC.fkID_108) = TL.JatoKey
INNER JOIN DealerskinsVersion2.dbo.Inventory I WITH(NOLOCK) ON TL.ID = I.fkCDTrimLevels
WHERE I.fkSites = 1367
AND (I.stocknum='56226')
AND TT.var_DSCategory = 'EC'
ORDER BY TT.var_optionname

Table 'CDTrimLevels'. Scan count 0, logical reads 0, physical reads 0, read-ahead reads 0.
Table 'Inventory'. Scan count 1, logical reads 310, physical reads 0, read-ahead reads 0.
Table 'CDImagesColorized'. Scan count 0, logical reads 0, physical reads 0, read-ahead reads 0.
Table 'CDTrimOptions'. Scan count 3, logical reads 10830, physical reads 36, read-ahead reads 10161.
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DireOrbAntConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Bookmark lookup on what? Also, have you tried running the wueries without any NOLOCK hints?
How big is CDTrimOptions ?
Do you have an index on var_DSCategory. What about fkID_107, fkID_108 and option_ID? Where is the clustered index at?
How big are the other tables?

In Query Analyzer, pick show execution plan and post where the high % is used. Check for any type of table/index scans
99TimesAuthor Commented:
CDTrimOptions is 375,000 Rows
CDTrimLevels is 9,000
CDImagesColorized is 67,000
Inventory is 330,000

The estimated execution plan has CDTrimOptions at 78% of the estimated cost.  I have a non-clustered index on fkID_107, fkID_108 and option_ID.  And one on var_DSCategory, var_optionname.  However the optimizer is using the Clustered Primary key index, which is just on an identity column.  I can post the Show Plan Text if it would help.
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why do you need to convert fkID_107, fkID_108  to varchar(150)??
what data types are they..?
What takes 78%? Table Scan, Index Scan? Copy that part.
99TimesAuthor Commented:
They are VARCHARs.  I am doing that to concatenate.

               Clustered Index Scan
Scanning a clustered Index, entirely or only a range

Physical Operation:               Clustered Index Scan
Logical Operation:                Clustered Index Scan
Estimated Row Count:            72,479
Estimated Row Size:              213
Estimated I/O Cost:                8.04
Estimated CPU Cost:               0.205
Estimated number of executes:1.0
Estimated cost                         8.249353(78%)
Estimated subtreee cost:          8.25

OBJECT:([Consolidata].[dbo].[CDTrimOptions].[PK_CDTrimOptions] AS [TT]), WHERE:([TT].[var_DSCategory]='EC')
If you can, make the clustered index a non clustered index and make a clustered index on var_DSCategory
99TimesAuthor Commented:

That is not an option, since to remove the non-clustered I would have drop the PK contraint and I can't do that because the table is being replicated.
99TimesAuthor Commented:
remove the clustered, rather
Hum, you don't want to drop it, just make it non clustered. Now, I'm not sure what effect this would have to the replication :( The index would still be there, just not as clustered.

You said you have an index on var_DSCategory? If not, you need one. If you do, unsure why SQL is scanning the custered index...
99TimesAuthor Commented:
I get this message:

Server: Msg 1925, Level 16, State 2, Line 1
Cannot convert a clustered index to a nonclustered index using the DROP_EXISTING option.

And yes to the second question.  The index is on var_DSCategory, var_optionname.

Would it help to remove the other column from the index?

And BTW, I ran dbcc dbreindex on this table last night, so I know the indexes aren't fragmented.
>>>var_DSCategory, var_optionname
In that order or var_optionname, var_DSCategory ?
99TimesAuthor Commented:

No, it is the first one - >>>var_DSCategory, var_optionname

When I force the index.  CDTrimOptions cost goes to 0%, but it adds a Bookmark Lookup that costs 99%
99TimesAuthor Commented:
I found out what the problem on this was....The firmware on my RAID controller was slightly out-of-date causing the cache battery to de-charge.  That was causing the very high I/O.

I'll give you the points for helping.
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