OEM replacement disks

I have damaged one of my oem sbs 2003 disks. I have contacted  Microsoft who have said the supplier should be able to replace the disks, the supplier siad they cannot replace the disks and that a complete new product would have to be purchased.

Has any one any experience of this?

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scrathcyboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Microsoft is double dealing you on this one.  They will replace ANY defective media that they sell or make and that you buy through distribution.  All you have to do is get hold of a COMPETENT person at MS, and tell them the single CD of the set is defective.  You read to them the code stamped around the central rim of the CD, you give them your license code, and they send you a new disk -- that is ALL there is to it.  You MAKE them do this for you, else get the name of the REP and the info and send it to me (see my profile) and I will make them do it.  This is part of their obligation and they need to be HELD to their license agreements, where they state that they will replace ANY defective media or ANY of their programs.
Greetings, Sid_F !

It is difficult to replace just one disk from a set of disks.  Supplier does have odd disks to sell.  They can only sell in sets.  You may find an equivalent set from eBay for less money.  Make sure product key comes with items from eBay.

Best wishes!
Sid_FAuthor Commented:
I have the product key, I'm willing to buy the new disks but what I'm trying to get my head around is that the code is what you are paying for. So if a CD gets scratched surely this doesn't mean 500 or 600 euro's to replace everything even though we still have a legal code
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Check back with Microsoft, and let them know what the supplier said.  See if can get a free set from Microsoft.
Hi sid,

Not much you can do here. Microsoft usually dont give support for oem software and your vendor is tying you up. Tough luck.
Try your friend if they can burn you a copy or your IT guy next door will copy you the damage copy. Last resort will have to get a new copy.

From Microsoft's website:-


"Q: My customer lost his windows xp oem media. Can I sell them the media only? Would this be considered illegal according to the new anti-counterfeiting law that just passed?
A: There is no replacement for "lost" media, only defective or broken media. However, if they have the legal COA they can use standard OEM media for image, use the ID key and activate the SW via telephone with the legal media and their COA (on the same PC)"

So the answer, according to this ("only defective or broken media") is:-
Yes, there is a mechanism for doing this.
McfakeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Replacement media is covered under 2 ways  . Microsoft normally Charge £25 or $25 . on Replacement media. This is NOT normally gotten through the reseller for OEM.  Due to the restrictions with OEM distrabution. If you contact microsoft and say that your reslesser is unable to provide a OEM replacemnt media for your defective media, they will replace for the above mentioned fee. I Have personally done this b4.

If at any time u need replacement Volume licence media kits, these can be purcahsed though your reseller with no issues.

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Thanks, war1
Sid_FAuthor Commented:
Double dealing it was ! spoke to another member and they put me in touch with another department who will replace the CD's for 24 euro, 6-8 weeks is the only down side.  I had originally thought our reseller should replace it, they did give us a media kit but this didn't work with the code
Microsoft service is very DISMAL in Europe then.  Maybe the European union is doing the best think by fining them $2 million a day.  For that PATHETIC level of support, they deserve all the fines the EU can throw at them.  Good luck to you.
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