Unlock Sony Ericsson w800i for free

Does anyone know where I can download software to unlock my w800i without having to pay for online unlocking?  I have the original cable that came with the phone, that's it.

I heard the davinciteam.com can do it but for a fee...

I'm willing to award the maximum 500 points for a working answer.
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cKBoyAuthor Commented:
I have been to that site before and it requires a fee... thanks but not the answer I was looking for...
upul007Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Sadly, unless you get the aid of someone with the software already with them to help you (for free) there is no site available to do what you want done. Believe me, I have been around this topic so many many times.

You can visit www.gsmevolution.com for a paid full proof solution. Then again please read all the details prior to confirming cos the cable you may have might not be adequate.

Good Luck!

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You have to pay or you can call your ISP and tell them your going out of country and need to unlock your phone.
albruevichConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unless you know a way to get the unlock code from your provider you have to pay someone to unlock the phone either remotely or by bringing it to a shop.
Use Davinchi or multiserver ( www.cellcorner.com )
You might also find some cracked software on the internet, but this option is for those who is ready to experiment with their phones :)
cKBoyAuthor Commented:
Sorry my provider refuses to unlock the phones.  They say its against their company policy.  I've only seen one site that allows me to use my existing cable(the one that came with the phone) to unlock my phone.  But that's the one with the fee.  I've always thought that you can easily unlock sim locks from phones.  Is it really that hard to unlock w800i?
every phone is different. The fact is the OS on the sony os not a OS that people have an easy time to develop VS a PPC Phone where you have  a MS platform and developers find an unlock in days.
There are sites like the aforementioned www.gsmevolution.com where you are able to get an unlock code for most phones. Will cost you between 5 and 50 pounds sterling.

Most phones sold on plans or have committments to be paid up will incur a loss to the seller though the buyer does not know about it. The buyer will sell it and the phone will not be unlocked by the original seller unless a hefty fee is paid.
cKBoyAuthor Commented:
I would like to award the points but no one was able to answer my question.  I wanted a free solution.  If I wanted the solution with the fee involved I wouldn't have needed to post my question here.  Thank you.
There is NO free solution. Sorry
And this is a valid answer no matter if you like it or not... Some things just need to be paid for.

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