IIS 6.0 issues

I have bent over backwards trying to figure this out.
Im using Win2k3 SP1 with E2k3 SP2. Brand new server setup (Dell 2950) w/ 2 dual core proc and 4gb RAM
Using form based OWA with an SSL Key from an outside vendor
I have attached the screenshots of all the settings. The only other application on the machine is GFI MailArchiver (wasnt an issue on the old server)

If i reboot the server everything works fine for about an hour or so, and then my IIS crashes to the point that OWA or any other website hosted on the server will not work. I get a Page can not be displayed.

Checked event log and have gotten:
A process serving application pool 'ExchangeApplicationPool' exceeded time limits during shut down

Any ideas?
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NetoMeter ScreencastsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you specified in IIS which IP address to be used?
What about the bindings of the NICS? If the second card has a lower priority TCP/IP offload should not be a problem.

rceballosAuthor Commented:
Nothing is being blocked from the inside.
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rceballosAuthor Commented:
NetoMeter ScreencastsCommented:
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Do you get EventID:1013 and 7031 in the event log?
If the answer is yes you might have:
•      a corrupted message in the SMTP queue – in this case rename the Queue folder to something like Queue.old and restart IIS.
•      A corrupted IIS metabase – in this case try resetting the default virtual directories:
You might find this helpful too:
How to Troubleshoot Metabase Corruption - Exchange 2000/2003


that link i posted was meant for a different question. not sure how i landed it in here, sorry if i confused anyone!

rceballosAuthor Commented:
No problem, I actually found out what the issue was...Its a new server that utilizes TOE on the network interface, I had two cards enabled, one for the public network and the other directly connected to another server...seems as though IIS is trying to go out the second card because when its disabled...everything works fine.
rceballosAuthor Commented:
Yes on the first question
And where would I look to change the priority?
rceballosAuthor Commented:
Nevermind...found it...changed TOE allocation.
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