Windows XP not able to load. Error message "Load needed DLLs for Kernel"


I have a problem with one of the pc. It has Windows XP Pro. It failed to load to windows with the error message. "Load needed DLLs for Kernel" I know in order to correct the problem. I need to do an in place upgrade. However, my sitution is a little complicated. I have a Raid 0 setup. It's not see drive when boot to reinstall Windows.

I can try to load the array drive to see if they see the drives but will it blow up my original setting and lost all the data?? Any thought or any solution for me to back the data first?

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"It's not see drive when boot to reinstall Windows. "

That is a RAID BIOS problem, you need to fix that first.  Also raid 0 is very prone to failure, please use raid 1, it is much more reliable.  

To backup data, just insert a standard IDE drive and copy all data from the RAID C:\ to the IDE (D:\) ?
When you are certain you have all data backed up, get rid of raid 0 and made a raid 1 mirror.  Then install XP on it, now copy all data from the IDE drive back over the raid 1 mirror.  You should have it.
You need to boot off your XP CD and at the very beginning of the boot process it will prompt for the installation of 3rd party drivers. Hit (I think) F6 and put in the driver diskette for your RAID controller.
RAID0 is not really a RAID level at all (Since it's not Redundant) but it does give good read performance for gaming and other disk intensive tasks.

I agree, if you are really worried, download robocopy and robocopy /s /e <old stuff> <backupdrive>

jli168Author Commented:
Thanks for the help guys, I'm able to load the array drive during setup and see the drive where windows is installed. Reboot into the console and see there a log of dlls file missing. I don't know how it happened but once i ran a repair. It booted back up. I'll take the advise to set this up as Raid 1. Thank you guys.

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