Citrix application runs for my admin login, but not my standard login

I have several applications that are published in PS 4.0, I can run the apps when logged in as myself, who has admin rights, but I cannot with the groups I have assigned to the programs.

I am guessing it is a rights issue.

Groups were created on the DC
users were assigned to the groups
the groups were assigned to the users under programs in PS 4.0

I have not done anything in respect to adding the groups to the citrix server, is that my problem?  And if so, how do I remedy that?

Quick answer is appreciated.
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pkfwallastConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does the normal user has rights to logon via ICATCP protocol?

Open Citrix Connection Configuration on the Citrix Server where you wants to start the application from
Select "IcaTcp" go to menu [Security, Permissions] and set user rights to the user group you want to start the application
Close and try again to logon

Marco Badoux
First you need to determine if this is a citrix/terminal server issue, or if it is specific to the applications you are running.

Log onto the server console directly with a normal user and see if you can run the applications.  If you are able to log in, but can't run the application then you need to check security in the directories & files used by that program.

If you can't eve log in at all, make sure your groups are part of the Remote Desktop Users group on the citrix server itself.
Some apps, like Quickbooks require your users to have specific rights to the application directory or be part of the Power Users group as well as the Remote Desktop users group.
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Quadeeb2003Author Commented:
Under computer management>local users and groups>groups>remote desktop users properties
I put the groups that I want to access the programs.

I was not able to directly log into the server with the remote user log ins.

I am sure I am missing something simple.
What is the error you get when trying to log in directly to the server console?
Quadeeb2003Author Commented:
The desktop you are tyring to open is currently available only to administrators.  Contact your administrator to confirm the correct settings are in place for your client connection

I get that when trying to login via remote.

From the server itself I can log in, but the programs do not run.
One program tells me it is already running, however, if I log in under me, I get in just fine.
Quadeeb2003Author Commented:
I don't know if it is because I have 2003 R2, but, the advanced settings window does not look like that, and I could not find the Only launch Published Applications button to clear it.
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