Host multiple smtp address space in Exchange

One forest One domain;AD2003 Native;EX2003;

Currently we are using on stmp address for this environment.
Since our company will separate to some subsidiary and we determined to manage each organization with OU.
We have to assign separate smtp email address for each subsidiaries.
We will keep current smtp address for a while to recieve email from customer who don't know our email address change.

We are planning to assign smtp address as follows,
but one of subsidiary has to use,

Looks hosting and recieving multiple smtp name space is not a big problem but I'm worried about "sending". I know on ADUC, we can set which smtp address should be primary, but we are going to manage AD with OU. Is it possible to assign primary smtp address based on OU?

Or are there any concern about this operation?

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R-YaninConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to provide some detailed information here for a helpful response.
Please answer the following questions and I should be able to help.

Are there multiple public MX records for any or all domains? (  ) What I am asking about is wether or not you will be using authoritative and non-authoritatve e-mail domains.

How many domains are you talking about?

The seperating by OU is not bad maybe seperating by AD domain as well. This well ease the overall admin task and add alittle organization but will help with creating the recipient policies necessary and if you follow this make sure and run domainprep in each domain.

<<<We have to assign separate smtp email address for each subsidiaries.>>>>>>>>>
 Make either AD domains or OUs with logical names semi descriptive like HQ, Dallas, Austin etc.... If you have a HQ than I would leave them with the "" and then flow all incoming mail through a single gateway or 2 if possible. You can leave all users with or current address just remeber that the reply to address for each user is the Primary SMTP address as defined in the recipient policy responsible for stamping that set of users wether by domain OU etc... and all mail as long as you don't remove their address will still be able receive mail to that address but if not their ptmiary address it won't be replied to or even seen by receiving party on outgoing mail. Hope that made sense.

It sounds likeyou are on the right track mostly

Or are there any concern about this operation?  See links below

I would look at these 3 MS knowledge base articles if you are sharing a namespace ifnot then 1st 2 articles are aaste of time. Also make sure andhave a Public MX record for each new address you need to receive for from anyone outside your Exchange Org.

 Sharing SMTP address spaces in Exchange 2000 Server and Exchange Server 2003
 ( )

Authoritative and nonauthoritative domains in Exchange 2000 Server and in Exchange Server 2003
( )

HOW TO: Configure Recipient Policies in Exchange
(  )


Do you mean that you want some users to have certain e-mail addresses using one domain and other to have e-mail addresses using different domains? I think you should be able to do what you are after by using LDAP filters on the recipient policies.

See this article is has some info and steps for LDAP filters on recipient policies.,289142,sid43_gci1119797,00.html
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