DNS A Record Update issue

I was using Interland name server.When i was using changing the name server after buying the domain it usually takes 6 to 8 hours to propagate.

But now i was thinkinng to shift TZO.COM name server.but my major concern is after updating the domains;s name server to TZO.com, it got changed in 30 seceonds. i was quite surprise to see this.even i checked nic.com and dnsstuff.com i found my name server is changed. is it ok ??

as i heard that name server change usually  takes some time?how they are doing ?wat is the logic ?are they reliable ??

please suggest ....

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DbergertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Looks liek TZO set the SOA (http://www.zytrax.com/books/dns/ch8/soa.html) record with a low  TTL (http://www.zytrax.com/books/dns/apa/ttl.html) in order to propagate the DNS records faster..  I suspect they set a low value in order to propragate it.

more info here if you want to read up on dns  http://www.informit.com/articles/article.asp?p=19792&rl=1
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