Mimick Spring on ToolStrip

I was trying to figure out how to span a control on the ToolStrip to expand to fill the entire ToolStrip (with other controls on it as well), similar to AutoSize=Spring for the StatusStrip.

So what I did is similar to the following:

Control.Width = ToolStrip.Width - ToolStrip.Padding.Horizontal - ToolStrip.Margin.Horizontal - (the other widths of the controls)
(BTW, grip is invisible)

Even then, it still overflows and I have to subtract by an arbitrary number to get it to fit...

Am I missing something?

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Bob LearnedCommented:

I don't totally understand what you need.  Is the control at the far right of the ToolStrip?

khoocAuthor Commented:

I mean if you have a docked toolstrip, and I place a textbox on it, how can I make it so that the textbox's width is the same as the toolstrip without overflowing (also with other controls on the toolstrip as well)?

Bob LearnedCommented:

How many controls on the ToolStrip?  Do you want it to spring from the controls location to the fill the rest of the ToolStrip?

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khoocAuthor Commented:
A variable number of controls...

> Do you want it to spring from the controls location to the fill the rest of the ToolStrip?
Yep, pretty much... basically something that mimicks the Spring property.

Bob LearnedCommented:
I tried something like this:

Public Class formToolStrip

  Private Sub formToolStrip_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

    Me.combo1.AutoSize = False
    Me.combo1.Width = Me.ToolStrip1.ClientSize.Width - Me.GetToolItemLeft(Me.combo1) - Me.ToolStrip1.OverflowButton.Width - Me.ToolStrip1.Padding.Left - Me.ToolStrip1.Margin.Left

  End Sub

  Private Function GetToolItemLeft(ByVal item As ToolStripItem)

    Dim left As Integer
    For Each search As ToolStripItem In Me.ToolStrip1.Items
      If search IsNot item Then
        left += search.Width
      End If

    Return left
  End Function
End Class


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khoocAuthor Commented:
That works, thanks very much :-)  I just had to turn CanOverflow to False to prevent the overflow button from showing.

Bob LearnedCommented:

You also have to get the size of the button right, even when CanOverflow = False.

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