Load Balancing and Fail-over recommendations

Getting ready to add a 2nd ISP to a remote office for redundancy.  I currently have a DSL and will be adding cable Internet service.

What I need:
1) Load balancing abilities with the ability to tell the device that one link is faster then other.
2) We publish internal servers there and need the ability to have incoming requests on either ISP be forwarded to the same internal IP.
3) NAT capabilities for less then 50 nodes.

I looked at a RADware Link proof branch but it is too expensive.  I have been looking into the Sonicwall TZ170 Unrestricted and it appears to do what I want although I will be limited to a single IP address on each WAN link (which I can live with).  The TZ170 cost 1/5 the price of Radware product.

My question is:
1) Will  the Sonicwall TZ170 be sufficient for my needs?
2) Is there another inexpensive option out there for me?
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Scotty_ciscoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
there is ecconomical linksys device that does what you are talking about


check that out see if that helps

jcneil4Author Commented:
Oh yeah- I forgot, I would also like the device to be able to know if an ISP is down and direct all traffic to the other ISP.
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