Sharing a printer on a XP machine with a machine with 98

I have a printer here at work which is physically attached to an XP machine hp laserjet 4100 I have installed the 98 driver also onto it, I also turned off simple sharing on the XP machine, it has a share name of hp4100.  However, when I am on the 98 machine and trying to add the printer nothing is available under that XP machine.  But the thing is I go search another XP machine using the 98 machine and I see the printers attached to them, I wasn't the one to setup these computers so I'm pretty lost as far as how it is all setup, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Marc ZConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you also install the windows 98 driver on the 98 machine, just in case?  You would need to confirm that the hp 4100 is shared by the XP machine.

Can the win98 machine see anything else shared on this particular computer?  Can any of your networked computers see anything shared on this one particular XP computer?
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JonveeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Perhaps these articles will help >>

"Mixing Windows 9x and XP":
.. which links to this one >>

"A Guide to Painless Networks":
FriarTukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
is this xp hm or pro? as pro won't allow non-authenticated users to connect to shares - meaning the win98 computer must have a user + pswd & same user & pswd must be added to xp pro pc.
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mekkattiljj:      Have you been able to make any progress yet please?
mekkattiljjAuthor Commented:
Yes, sorry for whatever reason now the printer is able to be viewed on the 98 machine I can't explain how it all of the sudden showed up but it did thank you all for you help.
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Marc ZCommented:
Could have been as simple as a reboot.
mekkattiljjAuthor Commented:
No, it wasn't a reboot because I did that a lot of times.
It would still be advisable to monitor the situation for a while.  Thank you.
Marc ZCommented:
Glad it's working for you now.
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