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Separate but Same Exchange Domain

Hello Experts,

I have a question about setting up Exchange 2003 servers.

CompanyX has a 2003 forest under companyx.com that has multiple domains such as accounting.companyx.com and sales.companyx.com and etc.

All the domains are under the same forest and managed by the enterprise manager for companyx.com and the Exchange 2003 servers serve them all under the companyx.com. All offices' data and emails are stored and managed by the managers for companyx.com

But let's say that the company wants to create an Internal Affairs division which cannot share information with any other divisions.  

Is there a way to set up a separate forest and thus domain and separate exchange 2003 server, so that companyx.com enterprise managers have no authority and access to this domain BUT still have the same companyx.com domain name for emails?  Can all the emails and files be stored in a separate windows 2003 server and exchange 2003 server managed by the Internal's enterprise manager.  

i.e. Can there be an existence of internal.companyx.com as a separate entity ( forest/domain/server) without causing problems for companyx.com name?

How would this be set up?  Thanks for your assistance.
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1 Solution
You can certainly setup this type of system.
I usually use the dummy domain method to get the emails to move between the servers.

For example.

All email would come in to the primary email server.
Users on the second domain would have contacts configured on the primary domain.
These contacts would have two addresses - username@sub.domain.com and username@domain.com
There would be an SMTP Connector on the server to point all email for sub.domain.com at the second Exchange server.

On the second Exchange server, all users would have an email account, with two addresses, username@domain.com (primary) and username@sub.domain.com (alias).
Email coming in from the primary would get delivered correctly based on the alias. Email going out would have the correct SMTP address.

The fun comes in getting the messages from second server to the primary.
That would usually involve a clone of above, with contacts for all users in the primary domain created in the second domain - so that they appear in the GAL.


dagatormanAuthor Commented:
What is a NetJunction box and how does that affect the email flow?
Should we use them?
Never heard of a NetJunction box, so cannot comment.


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