Setting up Sync between Treo 700w and Exchange 2003


I am usually very good at finding things out, but this is driving me nuts.  I have Exchange 2003 without SP2 and a Treo 700w device.  I want to sync directly to exchange from anywhere.  I am finding all sorts of articles that say it can be done, but none of them actually have information on setup.

Can anyone point me in a direction to some sort of documentation?

Much appreciated!!!!

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atheluConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Exchange SP2 would then offer the option of updates for activesync over HTTPS. This would mean that there would be no need to open additional ports on the server (assuming Http/s was already open). This also results in AUTD (always Up to date).  This essentially puts the oneous of making sync connection on the device, rather then from exchange.

The SMS should not be necessary, as configuring the activesync relationship should enable the push ability.
You would need to have Activesync installed on the Treo. I know some 7xx models have Activesync on them.  Can you verify this in the program listing?
posaeAuthor Commented:
Yes...I do have the latest version of ActiveSync on the Treo-- it is version 4.2.
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You will use active sync then. Open up activesync and access the menu. You want to create a Server Relationship.

This will bring you to a screen where you will be prompted for the servername, whether it requires SSL and the folders in exchange you want to sync. PUt in the name of your server (the name that is accessible form the internet), and choose what things you want to sync.

If there is an options button, enter the options and put in your username password and domain.

if there is no options button, press next and enter in your username password and domain.

Make sure and choose the box to save your password.

It may present you with an option to keep your messages up to date as they arrive in your inbox. This will only work if your treo has text messaging enabled. What Activesync wants is your SMS id, which is the text message address of your phone.  I know for verizon it is  You will have to find out what yours is for your carrier if you want to use this option.

If you do not want to sync items as they arrive, or if you are not presented with this option then you will want to go back to the activesync program, hit menu and choose schedule.  Here you can define how frequently you want activesync to look for new mail.
posaeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.  couple more things:

I have read about Exchange 2003 SP 2 not needing to use SMS anymore...if i install SP2, does it change the setup?

Also, what port does it come in on so that I can open it up on my router?
The changes from SP2 only work with windows mobile 5.0, so they would not apply to you. However, SP2 is a good thing to have installed anyway. There are a number of nice things, such as increasing the Message store size from 16GB to 75GB for Exchange Standard.

Here is a link to the port requirements for activesync:

These ports only apply when you are in Non-tethered mode (not with a cable connected to a PC). Tethered mode defaults to RPC.
posaeAuthor Commented:
I do have mobile 5.0 does this change things with what you have provided for me?
posaeAuthor Commented:
Fantastic!!!  Thank you so much athelu

EE is definitely the best investment I ever made!
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