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Sql Xml template with querystring

Hello experts.

I have a Sql XMl template and i want to run a search.


<XML version="1.0" encoding="utf-8">
<ROOT xmlns:sql="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xml-sql">
      <sql:param name="id" />
      <sql:param name="brandid" />
            Select * From IndexCarsXML Where dealer = @id And Brand = @brandid FOR XML AUTO , ELEMENTS

I call this Xml file from my Domain.
How can i give results if eg Brandid = null.??

http://localhost/xml/myCars.xml?id=1000&BrandId=10 'returns all Mercedes cars.
http://localhost/xml/myCars.xml?id=1000 'returns nothing , but i want to return all (if brandid = null) then ?
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1 Solution
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Select * From IndexCarsXML Where dealer = @id And Brand = @brandid FOR XML AUTO , ELEMENTS

Select * From IndexCarsXML Where dealer = @id And (@brandid Is Null Or Brand = @brandid) FOR XML AUTO , ELEMENTS

Just remember that:
Null <> Null
vmaragosAuthor Commented:
i ment ,

there is something to check if there are data in the var?


query = "select mpla mpla "
if @brandid <> "" then query = query & "where Brand = @Brandid"

because i have miltiple vars from querystring like (year,model,modeltype etc)
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
I am sorry, but I am not following you.  Post some sample data and the desired output.
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vmaragosAuthor Commented:
Lets say i have MyCars.XML
(the code presented to u above)

Query: MyCars.XML?id=1&brandid=10&model=evo&year1=2000&year2=2006&.... -->returns all cars with barnd 10 , model like 'evo' from year=2000 to 2006 etc

i may have multiple vars in querystring., or i just have 1 or 2

Query: MyCars.XML?id=1 --> returns all cars

Can i do all that in one XML file , and if yes how?

Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Something like this perhaps:

Select *
From IndexCarsXML
Where dealer = @id
          And Brand = @brandid
          And Model = @model
          And [Year] In (@Year1, @Year2, ...)
vmaragosAuthor Commented:
I would like to give a hint.

In asp code i do the following.

id = request("id")
query = "Select * From IndexCarsXML Where Dealer=" & id & " "

if request("brandid") <> "" Then query = query & "and brand = " & request("brandid") & " "
if request("model") <> "" Then query = query & "and model like '%" & request("model") & "%' "
if request("year1") <> "" Then query = query & "and year >= " & request("year1") & " "
if request("year2") <> "" Then query = query & "and year <= " & request("year2") & " "

Can i do something like that in the XML file?

Anthony PerkinsCommented:
>>Can i do something like that in the XML file?<<
No, Xml is just data,  that logic would have to go in the XSLT template file.  But you are better off putting that logic in your SQL query.
vmaragosAuthor Commented:
Can you help me , add this logic to my Sql query?
i think we are getting somewhere

thanks in advance
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Something like this:

Select *
From IndexCarsXML
Where dealer = @id
          And (@brandid = '' Or Brand = @brandid)
          And (@model = '' Or Model = @model)
          And (@Year1 = '' Or [Year] = @Year1)
          And (@Year2 = '' Or [Year] = @Year2)
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