Insert into a table in another database via db link


I am tring to insert data from table_A in db A into table_B in db B via db link as described below.

insert into table_B@db_link_to_db_b
(col1, col2, col3)
select col1,col2,col3
from table_A

col1 and col2 are VARCHAR2 type, and col3 is number type
I got a strange error. Although col1,col2, and col3 in table_A have values, only value of col3 is  inserted into table B. Both col1 and col2 are blank in table_B. But if I do something like below(using constant value), both ' constant1' and 'constant2' can be inserted into table_B.

insert into table_B@db_link_to_db_b
(col1, col2, col3)
select 'constant1','constant2',col3
from table_A

What do I miss? Thank you.
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bpgergoConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Sorry, but are you sure about not having null values in table_A.col1, col2?

Did you try one of these? Results?

  for c in (select * from table_A)
    insert into table_b@dblink
    (col1, col2, col3)
    (c.col1, c.col2, c.col3);
  end loop;

--this'll be faster and but consume more memory if you have many records in table_A
  type t_num_arr is table of number;
  type t_chr_arr is table of varchar2(4000);
  col1s t_chr_arr; col2s t_chr_arr; col3s t_num_arr;
  select col1, col2, col3
  bulk collect into
  cols1, cols2, cols3
  from table_A;
  if cols1 is not null --it won't
  and cols1.count > 0 then
    forall i in col1s
      insert into table_B@dblink
      (col1, col2, col3)
      (col1s(i), col2s(i), col3s(i);
  end if;
>> insert into table_B@db_link_to_db_b(col1, col2, col3) select col1,col2,col3 from table_A

The above statement looks correct. Try this

insert into table_B@db_link_to_db_b(col1, col2, col3) select col1,col2,col3 from table_A where col1 is not null and col2 is not null;

jyhuangAuthor Commented:
The PL*SQL block works. But do you know why the insert statement does not work?
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My idea was that there's some trigger on table_B@dblink which sets :new.col1 := null unless :new.col1 = 'constant1'.
If the pl/sql block works then it is more mysterious.

I don't know exactly. Could be:
- in distributed transaction and maybe under other certain circumstences <insert into ... select> does not work /I will try this out 'cause I'm curious/
- it may work in 10g rel2 but not in an old version /i don't really belive in this scenario/
- it's a bug
- ?

Oracle/op. sys. version?

jyhuangAuthor Commented:
There is no trigger on table_B.  table_A is in Oracle 8i and table_B is in Oracle 9i. The OS is AIX 4.x
Well, I tried it out and it works for me fine with a dblink pointing from a 10g to a 9i (different locations.)
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