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I am trying to install groupwise mobile server and I get to the point of entering info about my groupse server (server name) I've also tried ip address, used the default port of 7191, specified a user name and password. It responds with the error: Uable to connect to groupwise server: http://(ip):7191/soap; [0x00002efd] A connection with the server could not be established.    This box I am installing the software on is windows 2003 standard server. It is on the local network so the shouldn't be any firewalls issues. I can ping the groupwise server. I've install the netware client and the groupwise client, both connect with no problems. I'm not sure how (soap) works and I do not know where to look to see if it is enabled or if even that is an issue. Groupwise is version 7sp1. Any help is really appreciated,
Thanks Tom
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PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Be sure any pseudo-firewall actually running on the Windoze box is not blocking the connection to the NetWare server hosting the GroupWise system.

NetWare v6.0SP5 is a little long-of-tooth to be running GroupWise v7.0 agents. It should work, altho I'm not sure I'd trust the Clustering in that particular combination - but you may not be using Clustering.
W2K3 - doesn't that have its own "firewall"..a al XP SP2?

What is the GroupWise Server running on?
tiacovoneAuthor Commented:
Groupwise is running on Netware 6.0sp5.
Sorry for being stupid about the windows box but this server was my first install. Yes, I believe that is correct.
We have a sonicwall protecting our network, I was referring to that firewall, not thinking about the windows box itself.
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BigBadFletchConnect With a Mentor Commented:
to see if you have soap enabled and working correctly tyep the following from a command window on your workstation

telnet <server_ip_address> 7191

this should replay with:

HTTP/1.0 500
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 09:30:15 GMT
Server: NetWare GroupWise POA 7.0.1
Content-Type: text/html
Pragma: no-cache

if not then soap is not enabled... to enable open console one and go the the properties of the POA then on the GroupWise Tab select Agent Settings and from that page you will be able to enable SOAP

I am interested. I am trying to get enough points to get my account status restored. And I can assure you that the information I provided is 100% accurate.
Thanks for your consideration.

Fletch has spoken.
*shrug* Fine by me
Well.... I won'ty recommend points only because someone needs them :)
I am thinking of split actually....
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