Changing Email Account Password

My boss is on holidays.
I need to change an email password because the user gave it out!!!!

I went into exchange server and found her email address and clicked on edit, I changed her password to a new one and clicked OK.

I went back to a different computer and opened our Webmail login screen and her new password never took??

What am I doing wrong?

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Jamie McKillopConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
To change the user's password, you need to use Active Directory Users and Computers. Find the AD account for this user, right-click and select "Reset Password"

DashteifelAuthor Commented:
When I logged onto the exchange Server on the screen was the program "Exchange Pop3" with a list of email addresses and that is what I used to change her password.
(just a little more info)
You need to set the exchange pop3 one back as well as that is the one that exchange uses to pick up the users mail from the ISP.

And JJ is right... follow his instructions to change the webmail password.
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