Can get Windows Media Player to burn CD's without producing skips and jumps in the recording.

If have been trying to burn CD's from my  Windows Media Player. THe burn process goes fine, but 9 out of 10 times the CD has skips in it and in somecases my car CD player will get about half way through and simply skip to the end. The skipping is duplicated in the same place on any given CD regardless of what I use to play it, but never in the same place for the same song on a different burn.  I have tried burning the same music on other computers with the similar results.

From what I can tell from the the FAQ and other issues on this website .... the problem is like the CD's themselves. I am suspicious of that. I have had improvements by reducing the number of services running when I am burning e.g. no antivirus/and spyware, firewalls aoth other software that is usually availbale for startup. BUt this hasn't soved my problem.

Is there anyway to insure that WMP and its services have absolute , hight possible priority so that the burn process will not be interupted (this is my hypothesis about what is happening).

If is IS the media .... can somebody point me to a higher quality brand .... im am currently using TDK CD,s pack in 6 inch stacks from Costo and o"ne of the buy one get one free deals".

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Hi blindrookie 9 out of 10 times  woa,
Windows medi player is basicaly crap.
Try using another burner I would suggest or get a hold of another mp3 of exact same.
If it is repeating this exact same problem it maybe the files , if you have downloaded them they may have over clocked the sound or have some problems.
 where are you getting your mp3 from? How big are they?

some of them maybe read only.
Tag information will not update - read-only MP3 file
to illistrate>>
If you are trying unsuccessfully to update a MP3 file tag and your receive an error message stating that your file is "Read-Only", please do the following:

- Right click on the track in the Music Library.
- Select "Show File Location..." from the menu.
- Right click on the MP3 file in the Windows Explorer window that appears.
- Select "Properties" from the menu.
- Un-check the "Read Only" check box.
- Click OK.
- Attempt to update your MP3 file tag again.

If you burn a read only tagged mp3 it will create a blank spot. Also the quality of the mirror of the cd can effect the burn outcome, also using cdrw is not recomended.
Use Nero it tests the files first  this a far superior burner will provide you with the errors of the files.

I have fallen victum to these as I use Winamp
 r/click the file and view file info, you'll see to tags named id3v1tag and id3v2tag,

Nero CD-DVD Speed is a benchmark which can test the most important features of an optical drive.

Let me know of any other information.

First thing I'd suggest, reinstall Windows Media Player 10:
It could be that some file has become corrupt somewhere.

- The burn process should not be interrupted by any other applications, and I am doubting that the brand of CD really matters. What do the ripped tracks play like before burning? Is it definately the burning process that's causing problems?

Have a look at this article to see if it reveals anything to you:
Windows XP CD Burning Secrets: 

You could try the following plugin for WMP to see if this improves anything:

Nero Fast Cd-Burning Plugin (to eliminate gaps in/between tracks):

Good luck!
blindrookieAuthor Commented:
I burned a CD using Nero 7 from the original WMA files that I RIPped using WMP with a significant improvement but still some skipping. I then re-RIPped using Nero 7 and the reburned the CD's and will be checking them out in mt card CD player over the next few days. I am very hopeful that this does the trick.

(Note when I play the Orginal CD's the Car CD player works fine ... no skipps or jumps. I think this pretty much eliminated the car's CD player a the culprit here.

Stay tuned
sounds good, make sure your driving on good roads :D
lol yes, perhaps test in the car without moving to eliminate that factor!

Perhaps the car CD player just doesn't like CD-Rs?
some CD players are just fussy little things :)
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