How to enable radio on Cisco 1200 access point ?

Do you have to download cisco IOS 12.3(#)JA first?

i can access the command console through hyper terminal, but i think i only have limited access, is it still possible to turn  radio on?

Do you need to put antennas on first? (still ordering those)

thanks for any help
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I don't think you need to put the antenna first. Try these from console.

configure terminal
interface dot11radio 0
ssid <name>
no shut

jin10000Author Commented:
the command: configure terminal is not working, do i need to download ios first?


when i enter the following command
ap # configure terminal   ( or config t)

it didnt recongize the command    
jin10000Author Commented:
my verions of IOS is 12.3.(11)JX,  do i need to download any software in order to enable radio?

i see the following softwares

aironet Vxworks to Cisco IOS Conversion Tool and image
Autonomous to lightweight Mode Upgrade Image
Autonomous to lightweight Mode Upgrade Tool
IP Setup Utility (IPSU)
Management Information Base (MIB)

i dont really know if any of these software helps to enable the radio.

jin10000Author Commented:
just found out from cisco, the ap i have is lightweight verison, so i need to upgrade to autonomous version(stand alone) first before i can use those commands
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