add text to .html pages

hello experts,

what i want to accomplish is this:

a user types an url (for example
they get to see this page, but i want to include a link in this page
preferred is the way google does this, with an frame on top

how can i do this?
(i do not want to hard code this link, because there are more files to come
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davbouchardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use the php function htmlentities() so you'll output code.
It changes for exemple :

I'll "walk" the <b>dog</b> now
I'll &quot;walk&quot; the &lt;b&gt;dog&lt;/b&gt; now
you want to hijack someone elses website?
Mark_FreeSoftwareAuthor Commented:

no, i want to do that with my own website
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Mark_FreeSoftwareAuthor Commented:

i use the directory EE_dump for html examples that i use on this site
but i want to bring some structure in it
i guess i don't understand what you are looking to do then - can you clarify a bit?
<frameset rows="20%, 80%">
     <frame src="url to your link html formatted">
     <frame src="link url">

I'm not sure what you are trying to do, but if a user is typing a url into a field of some sort you must use a scripting language.

Mark_FreeSoftwareAuthor Commented:

take a look at this link in firefox:

that is what i want
(it still doesnt work in internet explorer)

the 500 points are now for the one that can help me with this:

for the View Source link,
i am reading the page like this:

$open = fopen("$file", "r");
$size = filesize("$file");
$content = fread($open, $size);

however when i echo that $content inside a div, it is displayed as normal html
how can i paste this as plain text?
brunoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
display it in a textarea...
Okay, from your code you are trying to print the contents of a file, of course the file you are reading is HTML.

So, you want a text view of the file.  Does that include the HTML tags?

Brunobear has a great idea, a textarea would not render the HTML, leaving the plain text: HTML tags and all.  At least that is the easiest fix.  

Otherwise, you will have to encode the special characters like davbouchard says.
Mark_FreeSoftwareAuthor Commented:
>>So, you want a text view of the file.  Does that include the HTML tags?

only problem is now that there are no newline characters?

formatting is all screwed
jayleewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yup, if you want to retain the newline formatting, you will have to replace all newline characters read in with a "<br>" to display correctly in a browser.

str_replace() can accomplish this task.

Remember, if you are offering editing features to save the file, you have to replace the "<br>" with "/n" again as well as decode the string back to the original.

If you don't feel like parsing the input data for new lines (shouldn't be that difficult), you can also read the file in line by line instead of the entire contents like you are doing.  

Put a loop till the end of file and repeat:
   readline, convert all special characters, write to screen, write <br>
Mark_FreeSoftwareAuthor Commented:

when i use that str_replace, and i output the text:
whenever a user copies the text and paste it in another program, will the formatting be normal?
If they are copying straight from the browser window and not the source file generated by your code, yes the newlines will be preserved according to the line breaks on the screen, rendered from the browser.  

The software program they plop it in will be responsible for wrapping text, if it is necessary.

Mark_FreeSoftwareAuthor Commented:

found this php function:
it will insert a <br> before each newline

(found it by googling for str_replace "<br" "\n" so it "came from" jayleew)

thanks for your help experts!

in my next post i will post the solution to my question for future reference,

now for the points,
this is going to be a split between
Mark_FreeSoftwareAuthor Commented:

example url:

first i moved all files to a subdir of the one (EE_dump) that will be referred to
then created a .htaccess file in it, with these contents:

======start cutting below this line======
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^([Qq]_[0-9]+)[.](htm|html|php|css])(.*)$ display.php?dis=$1.$2$3
======stop cutting above this line======
this will force the server to redirect all pages that start with Q_ or q_ followed by more than one number with one of the following extensions: htm, html, php,css
to the php page display.php

examples:             --->  --->

then created a file (display.php) that would check for the var "dis" in the dir the files are in, and copy the code to a buffer
then outputted the buffer directly into a div if no value for src is specified or src != 1 ,
or if src == 1 then used the functions htmlentities() and nl2br() to format the text and display the code

!they need to be used with htmlentities() first, because htmlentities() strips out the formatting inserted by nl2br()!

i hope this makes any sense

Mark_FreeSoftwareAuthor Commented:

and don't forget to include this .htaccess in the subdir where the real files are located!

======start cutting below this line======
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^.*$ -
======stop cutting above this line======

this disables the redirecting!!
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