New problem creating new exchange user- possible GAL error - name could not be resolved


I have an exchange 2003 server, 2 domain controllers, both also running DNS - xp and 2000 clients.

Everything has been working fine. However Monday this week I added a new user and created a new exchange mailbox as I have done for many users in the past with no problems.

After creating this new user, I was able to login to the domain with this account, I could also access OWA with this users details and send/receive email.

However when I try and add this account for outlook 2003, (using the control panel-mail) at the username prompt I get the error message:
The action could not be completed. The name could not be matched to a name in the address list.
I tried it on a 2nd computer and exactly same error. If I try and add an existing user there is no problem.

I first thought maybe it was because it hadnt been replicated. However 3 days later the problem still is there.
On the exchange server- system manager- servers - mailserver properties - directory access under GC servers
it lists

My understanding is that when you create a new mailbox account it will be added to the GAL of the first server listed above?

As such I then checked within outlook what GC server it was using. It was pointing to DC1. So I used a microsoft registry mod to tell outlook 2003 to point to DC2. But the problem was still there.
(I checked within outlook and it was definately pointing to the registry changed GC server)

Is there anyway to check the entries of the GAL directly on the GC server, to check that it has actually been added to the GAL?

I have never had this problem before. One thing of note is about 2 weeks prior our DC1 locked, and had to be hard restarted. This is the first new user account I have added since the restart.

Also, this morning I created a second new test user, and using the reg mod above it had the same error trying to resolve this name from the GAL on either of the GC servers.

Any Ideas?!

Many Thanks in advance.
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Did the account get an email address automatically? Or did you have to create one?
You can view the GAL live through OWA. If it isn't listed in OWA then the account hasn't been created properly.

paul_at_workAuthor Commented:
Hi Simon

I manually created the email account.
The email address does not appear within OWA.
However, i have since found out that you can check it through system manager aswell
Recipients - All global address lists  - Default global address list - properties - preview
and then you can preview the global address list.

The email account DOES appear here.

Further investigation has led me to a possible problem with the Recipient Update Service. Checking the event logs, I can see a problem with RUS reaching our domain controller on the same day that the DC machine locked:
event ID: MSExchangeAL 8250
win32api API call DsGetDCNameW the specified domain either does not existed or can not be contacted.

I am planning to restart the Microsoft Exchange System Attendant service - but I need to plan this outside normal user hours and at a time when i have some time to recover if there is a more serious problem!

Unless there is anything else you can suggest?

Many Thanks

Recipient Update Service is the usual cause of these problems.
Make sure that it is configured to use a domain controller that exists.
Make sure that the Exchange server is configured to use your domain controllers ONLY for DNS.

I have run into this type of problem before.  To "jump start" the RUS, you can edit the properties and point it to a different DC.  Then down the road you can move it back to the original DC.  I was unable to figure out why it stalled originally, but this resolved the problem.
paul_at_workAuthor Commented:

As I planned in my earlier post Restarting the RUS service resolved the issue. Looks like when the DC locked up, RUS service could no longer reach the DC and its only when I added a new user 2 weeks later the problem came to light.

This is my first post to experts exchange and I really appreciate that people do take out time to respond and help with resolving issues. My Thanks to you both for your suggestions.

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