Computer freezes

Hello Guys,
I have a brand new computer, custom built by myself.
XP Home, sempton 3000+, 512MB Ram, 80GB, onboard sound, graphics and lan
Problem is it freezes for no aparant reason, by this I mean cursor locks up, control alt delte will not work, only option is to press the restart button.
I have tried a new motherboard (different brand) and it made no difference, have also tried different power supply which also made no difference.
Have tried turning off external and internal cache, and also lowering hardware acceleration for the graphics, defrag and check disc has also been done. None of this has worked.
Also ran a bootable ram test, this passed with no problems.
I have tried a repair install of XP several times and this also made no difference.
Have also tried several different mice and still no difference.

Any ideas greatly appreciated, at my wits end with this one.
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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
A few thoughts:

(1)  You've tried a different power supply -- was it the same wattage?   What size units have you used?   What you've described is very common with inadequate or unstable power.

(2)  As sparkmaker noted, be sure you're not simply overheating.   Be sure you've properly mounted the heatsink/fan and have adequate airflow.

(3)  You've tried a "repair install" of XP several times.   Forget the repair install.  Wipe the hard drive completely (DBAN works well for this), and then do a clean, new install of XP and see if the symptoms change.   DBAN is available at

(4)  Finally, it COULD be a bad CPU, as Callandor noted, but that is rare -- and I'd expect failures to occur in other areas as well if this was the case (e.g. during the ram test).  By the way, you said you ran a "bootable ram test" => if that was something other than MemTest-86+, you should download it and run it for an hour or so  (
aclasscomputersAuthor Commented:
also should have said I have done a full check for viruses and spyware using several different software, spyware was detected no viruses found and I removed the spyware, scanned in normal and safe mode.
This also failed to solve the problem.
Thanks again.
You may have a rare case of a bad cpu.  Unfortunately, the only way to know is to swap another one in.  Can you borrow one from another system?
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Try running the computer from a live cd like Knoppix, see if it freezes with that running.

Heat issues maybe,
-->Are you using a temperature monitoring software to see if heat is the problem.
-->Do you have good airflow through that case.
--> How much thermal paste is applied between CPU and heatsink.
--> Is your heatsink and fan rated for this CPU
Take the side panel off for awhile and see if it makes a difference, remove , clean and reseat the heatsink with a dab of thermal paste. Ensure the heatsink is properly attached.

Sam CohenConsultant to Digital/DeveloperCommented:
it seem like an overclock or fans not working issue.
make sure the sticker thats placed on bottom of cpu, when brand new, is removed.......
So what exactly was it-->overclock-->fan issues-->sticker on bottom of CPU?? The response will help the next person who is having the same problem and comes across this question.
aclasscomputersAuthor Commented:
Sorry, actually accepted the wrong answer, the actual fix was a complete format of the hard drive and re-install
Thanks to everyone for your suggestions! :)
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
If you in fact accepted an answer other than what you intended, just ask in Community Support for the question to be re-opened and they will do that so you can accept the answer you intended to.   For that matter -- if you simply ask here, Callandor is the Page Editor and he can do it for you :-)
Leave a zero-point question in Community Support explaining what happened. The Moderators will "unaccept" your selection and re-open the question
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