Copy table in mysql control center 0.9.2-beta

I am working on a couple tables that are in use and I want to test my command to remove duplicate users but I dont want to mess up the database because getting the backup would take lots of work as they only back up the entire server, not the databases and people would get really mad.

Every time I try to copy the tables by exporting and importing the mysql Control center crashes

is there some easy way to make a copy of a table in mysql control center 0.9.2-beta

also i just realized as of this writing that i am using a beta release, is there a stable one availible?
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f_o_o_k_yConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you using windows ?? I asume yes. There was alway a problem with Control Center.

Maybe try MySql Administrator (backup and restore)
Migration tolkit

In linux its much simpler.
mysqldump and then mysql
of course you need to change script. (tabloe name or database)
Titanium_SniperAuthor Commented:
did I mention that This had to be done yesterday?
EMS Lite for MySQL is a great GUI tool... I like it better than Control Center.

Titanium_SniperAuthor Commented:
thankyou, i just edited it after backing up with admin sql
i hope I didnt make any mistakes
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