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users can not print

hi guys

need a quick answer on this if possible.

sbs2003 acting as F&P server
server 2003 with PS3
printer HPOJ 7200

added printer to sbs server, everyone has rights to print
imported print server into farm

auto created printer to domain users

all users get the printer published to them

i can print however others can't. they can see the printer, go into properties and select to print test page.

then they get an error while printing.

they can print to other printers which are set up exactly the same.

other possible affecting issues.
these users have a legacy printer which was pointing to the same print device. this they are unable to delete as it is no longer on the server thus they can not connect to delete.
is there a back end way to delete this, as it may be causing the issue?

unable to create the printer on the print server normally, have to use install.exe. this has created extra hpvendor ports which it uses to communicate. is this likely to cause a problem? unable to delete ports, maybe because of above.

any help greatly appreciated, banging my head against the wall now.
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1 Solution
gareth629Author Commented:
thanks gsgi

can not get the 6540 to install, do you know anywhere i can get just the driver from. ie not all the crap with an HP Install
Is the 6450 included as a driver in the 2003 server OS?  Try calling HP 1-800-Hp-invent.
You may need to use a printer that is known to work well with citrix...
weren't the OJ 8000's listed as compatible?

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gareth629Author Commented:
strange -

i have installed the printer onto a a workstation, shared it and got the user to add the printer as normal ie add printer wizard. and it all works.

so why can't i add the printer to my printer server, import it in (which it does) and then once published the printer will not work???????


obviously using the same driver etc??
were you using usb off of the server and the workstation?  xp may manage usb better than the server 2003 or the usb drivers on the workstation may be happier than the usb drivers on the server.

did you run the clean spooler utility on that server http://members.shaw.ca/bsanders/CleanPrinterDrivers.htm it sounded like you couldn't install the printer. does the printer have a non-usb interface?

maybe this will help? http://www.experts-exchange.com/Hardware/Printers/Q_21110459.html

According to this guide (http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX102356) the OJ 7200 is not supported but the DJ 6500 is (like gsgi said).  The guide is for Citrix but it is a pretty good assumption that a printer certified for Citrix will work on TS.  

If your printer is connected via USB you may need this fix:
Printers That Use Ports That Do Not Begin With COM, LPT, or USB Are Not Redirected in a Remote Desktop or Terminal Services Session

If you need to substitute one driver for another just for the terminal mapping you can use this tool:
Windows 2000 Terminal Services server logs events 1111, 1105, and 1106

This is Microsoft's printer mapping wizard.  It will create an inf file that can be used to substitute and block drivers.  To sub a driver
"HP OfficeJet 7200 PCL"  =  "HP DeskJet 6500 Series"
to block a driver
"Symantec Fax Starter Edition"  =  ""
(you just map it to nothing)

Hope some of this helps.  


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