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Hello Experts,

I'm having an issue with Remote Desktop. The remote machine has always been xp pro sp2. The local machine i just reformatted the harddrive from windows media center to windows xp pro sp2. The remote machine can be reached by anyone on the company network with absolutely no problems with anything. However, when I try to RD into with this newly reformatted computer, a problem arises. When I'm connected, and I open up any application where I can type something - whether it be word, excel, IE or even notepad if i type, not all the letters will go through. In fact most of them do not get typed.

My first thought was connection speed, but its only the two computers on a single switch
My second thought was that maybe the remote computer was going really slow, but when i tried to remote into it with a third machine, everything worked just fine.
Finally, i tried remoting from the problem machine to the third machine and the problem remained

So the issue seems to be with the problem machine's remote desktop connection

If anyone can offer some advice, it would be greatly appreciated
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Well since all other machines communicate fine through RD, it has to
be this new machine.

I would try reinstalling RD and make sure you have the latest security patches which
the lack of, may be causing you problem now.

Make sure you turn off all of the other visual BS when setting up your remote connections.

I connect to a remote machine VIA a 56k line, to a remote machine on Cable, and it is
slow as heck, but it is functional.

ciphronAuthor Commented:
how would i go about uninstalling and reinstalling just remote desktop?

just as an added tidbit - i tried remoting TO the problem machine with absolutely no problems either
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ciphronAuthor Commented:
I hadn't updated the OS yet before I tried remoting in - after i updated xp everything works fine. Thanks
ciphronAuthor Commented:
hmm...scratch that - still doesn't just made it look like that for a time.

This issue still remains - though as an added piece of info --when im at the login screen i have no problems typing whatsoever
try to download the rdp install and install it again.  points have already been awarded, so you might have trouble getting others to post in here.
ciphronAuthor Commented:
yeah, I kinda figured that - I was going to re-post but i just decided to use one of those programs to overwrite all data on the harddrive with 0s then reinstall windows xp

it seems to be working now

Thanks for following up kkattfish
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