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Dear experts

I have an yahoo plus account with maximum size 2GB, MY INBOX SIZED reached 2GB because of important  business messages, and I can't delete any of these message (actually I need all of these messages), I want to download all messages of 2005 into my outlook, and I want to keep the messages related to 2006 into yahoo website.

I thought it's an easy, but it's not. I created a folder in yahoo mail site, I named it 2005. Then I copied the 2005 emails (1 GB) into this folder, now how I can download these 2005 emails ONLY into outlook, and leave the remaining mails in yahoo inbox.
Please advice urgently.
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
After moving out 2006 emails out of Inbox, move the 2005 mail into Inbox.

Then setup Outlook to download the emails from Inbox via POP3 access

Greetings, thabash !

You need to temporarily move the emails that you do not want downloaded to Outlook in another folder. Then download the remaining emails to Outlook. Then move the 2006 emails back to Inbox.

Best wishes!
thabashAuthor Commented:
dear  war1

how i can select the folder of 2005 to download it. i don;i don't know how?
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thabashAuthor Commented:
dear war1

i have followed the steps mentioned in the link, but when it try to connect to pop it asking me for the username and password
in the username account i puy my accout of yahoo without
and i put my password,

but it keep asking for user name and password and the download not started, why?

Do not check the box next to "Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)."

You are a Mail Plus subscriber?  Check with Yahoo tech support to determine why POP3 access is not working.
thabashAuthor Commented:
dear war1

actually i'm not a Mail Plus Subscriber, but the owner asked me this question, and i'm going to answer him right now, he is a Mail Plus Subscriber, and he want to archive his yahoo mails,
thank you very much.
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