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I am using BES 4.1 and Exchange 2000.  I have a user who is saying that the calendar is not syncing but when I go into BES, under the device options, it shows that Wireless Calendar is Enabled.

I have seen references to updating the syncronization from Desktop Manager but I am running BES.  Where in BES, do I need to go to configure the sync settings for the calendar?  I am ok with an answer involving RTFM as long as you tell me which manual to read. :)

Thanks in advance,
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) Make sure th Blackberry has the latest firmware.

2) Same for Desktop manager - ALso should be at 4.1

3) Check the settings in the Mail options in the blackberry itself. There are Synch options there, as well as in the Desktop manager.

I hope this helps !
you may want to do a Detect and Repair on the Outlook side to see if a corrupted item on the Outlook side is causing the problem.  (do it twice if you have to as its only a few mouse clicks)
Outlook > Help > Detect and Repair.

wait 15 minutes and see if it updates.

The worse scenario is if the corruption is on the Blackberry device; as far as I know there is no utility to correct corruption there and I've wiped out and re-activated Blackberry to get them working.


Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:

I would simple go into the users mailbox and check the permissions on her account.

1. Open Outlook,
2. Right Click on MAILBOX - Username
3. Select Properties for MAILBOX - Username
4. Go to permissions TAB
5. Add the persons username and set the permission to Owner.

This has resolved this same error for hundreds of customers.  It may be something different but it always best to try the simple fixes first.
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In the years that I have been working with Blackberries I have always found that the biggest calendar culprit is the cdo.dll file.  The mapi32 version on the BES has to match the version that is installed on the Exchange server.  And they both have to be copied to very specific folders.  Then you have to register the file.  It’s a pain because the calendar will work for months without a problem, you get that one user with a problem, and then all of a sudden no one’s calendar works.
The first articles show how to check the versions of the file, where to get a new version if needed, and how to register the file once you have it installed.  The second link shows you how to check to make sure that the file is registered if the versions match.

Also, do you happen to have an early version of METAmessage installed on the computer hosting the BlackBerry Enterprise Server?  Not as common but still not compatible with the BES.

Hope it helps -

Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
As WellRed mentioned this can be caused by cdo.dll issues, this is commonly caused (in my experience) by the Exchange server having Service Packs added to Exchange (e.g. Exchange SP1 or SP2) and the service pack isn't applied to the BES server.  So if you have updated your Exchange make sure you apply the same patches to your BES as this will update the Exchange System Manager.

Also if you could please give us an update of your progress it would be greatly appreciated.
prairieitsAuthor Commented:

In looking over the Blackberries we have, it turns out that wireless sync was not enabled on the device.  Under the Blackberry calendar, it didn't even have an option for it.  I had to install the Desktop Mgr (even though we use BES) to configure (and effectively enable) wireless sync for that device.

Call me silly, but in an enterprise environment, I don't understand why I should have to install the desktop software just to configure that option.  Shouldn't that be configured automagically when you setup your wireless email sync (since it is the same Exchange acct)?

Anyway, it is resolved so thank you all for your help.

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