Is PHP for windows a good idea?

I had a web site on a windows server that was working fine before re-tooling with PHP. Now every time a Credit Card is processed the customers get an hourglass. After a few are processed, IIS needs restarting. Should I move PHP off the windows server onto a UNIX server? I really don't care what platform it runs on. I'm not really looking for Microsoft/PHP evangelists to start preaching a sermon. I just want the best technical information available with quantifiable reasons to back up opinions.
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maUruConnect With a Mentor Commented:
however, unix is a much better platform (in general) to host web servers, more reliable, lower memory/cpu footprints, less crashes etc.

IIS should only be used (imo) if you are going to be using ASP
Are you using the CGI binary or the ISAPI module?  It seems there are lots of bug reports about problems with ISAPI.
cntdtechAuthor Commented:
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use apache :p never had any problems, i think the problem lies with IIS rather than php.
Richard QuadlingConnect With a Mentor Senior Software DeveloperCommented:
The hour glass is probably the web server holding the user up.

So, you can try swapping IIS for Sambar or Apache (both free). PHP is very well supported by both of these web servers on Windows.

Also, the Credit Card processing code could be flawed.

You say there was "re-tooling". How much code was written for PHP?

You would need to use some system analysis tools (System Internals Process Explorer for one!) to see what is holding things up.

There are many configuration options available within IIS, you may have some sort of limiting in place which is putting a cap on the amount of activity. You may be accessing a slow DB system. The CC validation service could be playing up or be busy.

What caused you to move from, I assume, ASP to PHP? Where there speed/hang issues there also?
cntdtechAuthor Commented:
new webmaster/designer wanted to program in PHP. Legacy still in use e-commerce site built in ASP. Leased Managed Server is Windows IIS.

So the front end of the site is Flash in PHP. The e-commerce section was re-skinned to look like the front end but the guts remain ASP.
battletechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have had problems in the past with IIS caching issues with asp and php.  Sounds though that your problem might be going between the apps.  If you were all asp or php it wuld be easier to troubleshoot.  What version og PHP are you using?  What DB are you using?  Is it feasable for you to convert legacy asp into php?  This might stream line things a bit.  Depending on how you are doing it, use of sessions accross both apps ect.  IIS is a resource hog when it comes to those things, along with ASP and you have memory management issues.  I have had good success with just php and IIS but I am not using multiple apps.  Just php/MySQL.    
Rob_JeffreyConnect With a Mentor IT/ProgrammingCommented:
The problem you are faced with is finding out where the data lag is occuring.
Working in a mixed environment like you are is never fun - but is necessary at times.
How are your credit card payments being handled?  Are you passing the user from your server to another and it's hanging on the way back?
The page passing - is it PHP or ASP?  The process that is hanging (After a few are processed, IIS needs restarting) is it IIS or the PHP module?
I agree with battletech - converting all the pages to one or the other is a good idea.  If you are running all PHP then you will be free to run Apache on the window box or go with a Linux box or whatever.
fire the new developer

get one that does asp

problem solved.
Note to self: Never work for maUru.  :)
floorman67Connect With a Mentor Commented:
the very best solution in my opinion is a unix OS/apache/php.

by far the most secure, most productive, and least resource consuming OS around, with the highest uptime.

after the set up, the rest is a breeze.

I have 3 unix servers that havent needed rebooting for months.

If you arent familiar with pure unix OS just do some research.

well worth it in the long run.

a nice by product is no MS exploits and constant upgrading/updating, as well as much better security.
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