Cannot connect to the Citrix metaframe server. There is no Citrix metaframe server configured on the specified address.

I have setup a test Presentation Server 4.0 (running everything including IIS) on our network.  I am tiring to get the web interface to work.  I can connect and run it on the LAN and from home via our VPN (using the internal IP address of the server)
I have opened the following ports on my PIX 515e firewall: 80 and the citrix-ica - 1494 I think.
When I try to connect I am presented with a login box and can see the Citrix web interface server with my applications available.  However, when I try to launch the application, I get "Cannot connect to the Citrix metaframe server. There is no Citrix metaframe server configured on the specified address"
I am guessing that I need to set up the server to it understands the PIX and NAT (PAT) headers from the outside interface.  I have found in the presentation server admin under the web interface under the secure client admin I can access routes where I put the external (live internet) address with a mask of for both translated and alternate.  Under firewall translations I have put the internal and external addresses with port 80.  And nothing under secure gateway.
I am guessing this is a simple question for someone who knows Citrix.  I have not seen Citrix for over 6+ years so I am a noob.
Thanks in advance for any help!
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mgcITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ok good.. Then your network/router/firewall are all configured correctly.  so let's do this first:

1. Open the Access Suite Console
2. Click Manage Secure Client Access > Edit DMZ Settings
3. Make sure the Default is set to "Alternate"
4. Delete any other rules you have there (for now).
5. Click Manage Secure Client Access > Edit Address Translations
6. Add a rule (select "Both") for the internal IP of your Citrix server (port 1494) and the external IP of your Citrix server (port 1494 also).
7. Close the ASC and run IISRESET to restart IIS... then test again.  Check the IP Address in the launch.ica file to verify.
1. have you given the server an external IP Address using the altaddr command?  for example run altaddr /set on the citrix server

2. yes you need to configure these address translations for your web interface using the Access Suite Console.  Also under DMZ Settings you need to create a rule for external connections by enabling the Alternate connections.  You should probably make this the default connection and then create specific rules for the Direct (internal) connections.
e_vanheelAuthor Commented:
I ran the altaddr command.

Like I said, I am new at this so please confirm.

I have edited the DMZ settings so I have:
     Client IP address: Default
     Access Method: Alternate

Next line
    Client IP address: - the internal address
    Access Method: Direct

Under Access Routes:
Default - Direct
x.x.x.x - external IP Translated (should this be all 255's or the actual subnet mask)? Do I need this translated?
x.x.x.x - external IP Alternate
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You won't need the translated addresses but will need the Alternate.

As a test to see if the problem is with your citrix config, or your network do this:

Log into the web interface and rather than launching an application right-click on it and choose 'Save Target As...'.
Save this file (launch.ica) and open it with notepad.  Inside the file there will be a line that says:
Address= xxxxxxx

When connecting from the outside you should see your external IP there.  And vice versa when connecting from the internal LAN or VPN.
e_vanheelAuthor Commented:
I still see the internal address.  If I change the files address and save it --- it works!!!

What do I need to change on the application or server to make it work from the icon?

getting closer....thanks!
e_vanheelAuthor Commented:
Great Job!

perfect! I have been thinking it was my firewall and was frustrated. Thanks for the great info!
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