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Posted on 2006-07-20
Last Modified: 2010-05-18
I have written a function, and after a lot of work got it running though with no problems, however it returns a binary stream for the new resized image, and I have no idea how to write this stream to disc, any ideas?

The function is:-
function resize_jpg($inputFilename, $new_side)
      $imagedata = getimagesize($inputFilename);      
      $w = $imagedata[0];      
      $h = $imagedata[1];            
      if ($h > $w)
            $new_w = ($new_side / $h) * $w;            
            $new_h = $new_side;            
            $new_h = ($new_side / $w) * $h;            
            $new_w = $new_side;      
      $new_h = 50;
      $new_w = 50;      
      $im2 = ImageCreateTrueColor($new_w, $new_h);      
      $image = ImageCreateFromJpeg($inputFilename);      
      imagecopyResampled ($im2, $image, 0, 0, 0, 0, $new_w, $new_h, $imagedata[0], $imagedata[1]);      
      return $im2;
Question by:tonelm54
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Author Comment

ID: 17151145
Sorry, posted my debug version

should be:-
function resize_jpg($inputFilename, $new_side)
     $imagedata = getimagesize($inputFilename);    
     $w = $imagedata[0];    
     $h = $imagedata[1];          
     $new_h = 50;
     $new_w = 50;    
     $im2 = ImageCreateTrueColor($new_w, $new_h);    
     $image = ImageCreateFromJpeg($inputFilename);    
     imagecopyResampled ($im2, $image, 0, 0, 0, 0, $new_w, $new_h, $imagedata[0], $imagedata[1]);    
     return $im2;

Expert Comment

ID: 17151695
i have this script that takes all of the pictures in a directory and creates thumbnails in a "thumbnails" sub folder. if the thumbnail is already there, it does nothing. not sure exactly what you are attempting to do with your function, but something like this may work for you...

      function generate_thumbnails($images_dir) {
            $imagemagick_path = "/sw/bin";
            $max_thumbnail_width = 150;
            $max_thumbnail_height = 150;
            $sleep_time = 1000;
            $count = 0;
            $thumbs_dir = $images_dir . "thumbnails";
            if ($thumbs_handle = opendir("$thumbs_dir/")) {
                  while (false !== ($thumb_file = readdir($thumbs_handle))) {
            if ($handle = opendir("$images_dir")) {
                  while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) {
                        if (stristr($file,'jpg') && !stristr($file,'tb_')) {
                              if (!stristr($thumbstring,$file)) {
                                    //*****************image resize code starts here*****************                                   
                                    $size = getimagesize("$images_dir$file");
                                    // Wide Image
                                    if($size[0] > $size[1]) {  
                                          $thumbnail_width = $max_thumbnail_width;
                                          $thumbnail_height = (int)($thumbnail_width * $size[1] / $size[0]);                                                        
                                    // Tall Image
                                    else {
                                          $thumbnail_height = $max_thumbnail_height;
                                          $thumbnail_width = (int)($thumbnail_height * $size[0] / $size[1]);
                                    exec("$imagemagick_path/convert -geometry " .
                                     "{$thumbnail_width}x{$thumbnail_height} " .
                                     "$images_dir/$file $thumbs_dir/tb_$file");
                                    //*****************image resize code ends here*****************

                              $pictures[] = $file;


Author Comment

ID: 17152700
That would do the job, although I cannot use it, as exec has been disabled on the server Im trying to use it on.
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Expert Comment

ID: 17152987
I have a better script for creating thumbnails. Here you go :
* $sourcefile = path/name to source image
* $targetfile = path/name to target image
* $extf = extension of image (you can take it with explode($sourcefile, '.'); and then the last member of the array
* $max_width $max_height = properties of the new image (in case they already are smaller, the thumbnail is just a copy of the original image
* $image_quality = between 1 and 100
function createThumb($sourcefile, $targetfile, $extf, $max_width, $max_height, $image_quality = 100)
      eval('$src_img = ImageCreateFrom'.$extf.'($sourcefile);');
      $orig_x = ImageSX($src_img);
      $orig_y = ImageSY($src_img);

      $new_y = $max_height;
      $new_x = $orig_x/($orig_y/$max_height);

      if ($max_width >= $orig_x )
            $new_y = $orig_y;
            $new_x = $orig_x;
      elseif ($new_x > $max_width)
            $new_x = $max_width;
            $new_y = $orig_y/($orig_x/$max_width);

      $dst_img = ImageCreateTrueColor($new_x,$new_y);

      ImageCopyResampled($dst_img, $src_img, 0, 0, 0, 0, $new_x, $new_y, $orig_x, $orig_y);

      eval('Image'.$extf.'($dst_img, $targetfile, $image_quality);');

Expert Comment

ID: 17155177

fwrite() writes the contents of string to the file stream pointed to by handle.

Expert Comment

ID: 17155590
yes. that's correct.

Accepted Solution

dimakh earned 500 total points
ID: 17159619

here is a tested solution for you to get image resized and saved at your server.
here i've written a function which uses GD Libraries for image manipulation. the code works on GD version 1.6 as well as 2.0
//variable definations as:
//$orig_file: absolute path of Orginal File uploaded,
//$dst_file: absolute path for the resized thumbnail to be saved,
//$new_w: width for thumbnail image,
//$new_h: height for thumbnail image

function createjpegthumb($orig_file,$dst_file,$new_w,$new_h){
    global $gd2;

     $maxAspect = $new_w / $new_h;
     $origAspect = $old_x / $old_y;

     if ($origAspect <= $maxAspect) {
          $thumb_w = $new_h * $origAspect;
          $thumb_h = $new_h;  
     } else {
          $thumb_w = $new_w;
          $thumb_h = $new_w / $origAspect;  
        $dst_img=imagecreatetruecolor($thumb_w, $thumb_h);


        $om = imagecreatetruecolor($newWidth, $newHeight);
        imagecopyresampled($om, $im, 0, 0, 0, 0, $newWidth, $newHeight, $origWidth, $origHeight);        
        $om = imagecreate($newWidth, $newHeight);
        imagecopyresized($om, $im, 0, 0, 0, 0, $newWidth, $newHeight, $origWidth, $origHeight);


Hope the above solution works for you. This answer is already accepted for a simillar question.

If any queries, please write me back.

Thanks and Regards,

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