Moved Perfectly Good XP Pro Client From A to B - Sudden System Hangs and Reboot Loops

Have 20 XP Pro clients on SBS 2003 single server. Moved one from point A to B, carefully - no bumps or bangs, etc. Was used for intense graphics in old location - now used for light office work. No new installs, or deletes - didn't even change computer name. Just added new user to AD and Exchange Server mailbox. System now sluggish, will hang randomly and needs to be manually shutdown to restart. Will go into a reboot multiple times after network logon but before desktop populates. Running tests now and will pop the hood tomorrow. Need to have running before Monday morning. Coincidental or just my darn bad luck??? Suspect HD. Somebody snatch up these points!!!
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Clean out any dust, make sure all the fans are running smoothly, remove the Heatsink from the CPU, clean both surfaces thoroughly and add a very tiny amount of thermal transfer paste, then firmly reattach the heatsink.

Check if things are now better.

If not, get a copy of the UBCD and use memtest86+ to test your RAM. If there are any errors, try only with one ram module at a time and test each in every slot.
Test the HD using the manufacturer's utility (also on the CD).
griff4345Author Commented:
Should mention I have plenty of licenses.
griff4345Author Commented:
I have also posted this question in OS area as it could be related to that.
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Logging as one of the old users, does the same issue remain?
How is your AD configured?  How is the network connection?
Move the system back to point A, is the system back to normal?:)

Looping reboots are likely an issue with either PowerSupply or with Memory.  If you can get into the bios and check the voltages  all should be within range if any are below the threshold especially the 3.3v one (memory) that will tend to  cause windows to cycle and reboot due to the memory access which are not as pronounced during the boot process.  memtest which you can download, can be used to test the memory.
Ryan_RConnect With a Mentor IT Systems AdministratorCommented:
try a XP repair install (you haven't changed any hardware?)
try another HDD but the only way it would limit performance is from saving or loading data off disk if is going kaput. (excuse my german)
Ryan R
mcp_jonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure that Memory is well seated in it's banks, as well as all other parts, Cpu, VGA, Coolers, ... .

Then try to have a look at the Event Viewer and see what's happening.

In the last case, boot to Recovery Console and try to run CHKDSK /P .

Best Regards!
griff4345Author Commented:
Just for the record, I've removed this question from the OS are. I didn't follow protocol when placing it there.

Let me try to address all these answers at once:  1) Had moved the box back to point A and all over the place, logging in as anyone and everyone - same issue; 2) Ran full diag on HD and MEM from UBCD - all normal; 3) Blew out the system and reseated all cards. All fans working great. 4) Checked temps and all within normal range with no spikes. 5) Ran diag on MB and all was fine. 6) Moved HD to 2 other systems as Primary and experienced same problem. 7) Could not do a repair so formatted, reinstalled XP Pro and downloaded 52 updates. 8) Am now in process of reloading software and system has not randomly rebooted since.

I do expect to possibly have a problem develop, though. The XP install did not want to copy DRIVERS.CAB or WINNTBBL.DLL. I skipped them and no problem so far. I don't know anything about the DLL but would expect the DRIVERS.CAB to be an issue.

I am having a terrible time joining the domain, so I don't know if that's related or if I missed a local computer configuration.

That's it so far!

griff4345Author Commented:
I guess I should add I wish I had just step 7 first (LOL)
Sam CohenConsultant to Digital/DeveloperCommented:
should have done recovery console chkdsk /r
griff4345Author Commented:
all4artz:  The world is full of "woulda, shoulda, coulda"..... of what value was that incredibly limited comment?

Thanks to everyone else. The issue seems to be solved. A complete reinstall took care of it and when I renamed the PC, it immediately joined the domain. Then I killed the old computer account. I feel I have to split the points with all of you because everything offered was done and it really needed all of that anyhow. By the way, I'm not suggesting "all4artz" is wrong - only the methodology of aid.

Thanks again!
your welcome
No problem !

Best Regards !
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