how to specify delimiter with bcp commad

i want to  create a text file from a table without/with delimeter with specified spaces that i can provide as parameter in bcp command


ramdev|sharma      // pipe delimeted

ramdev  sharma      // 2 spaces

and i dont want tabs

ramdev (tab space) sharma


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Mr_PeerapolConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Why don't you just use queryout option instead?
Then, specify:

SELECT field1+"   "+field2+"             "+field3 FROM your_table

So you can put whatever valid string as your field delimiter.
you can use the file terminator certainly to creat a pipe delimited output...

bcp .... -t!

i'd suggest using the format file options to attempt to get a double space delimiter...
(see Books on line ....)


it may help to state you sql version/edition
you can use -t to specify the feild delimiter
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hi there,

try the following, it is using a trusted connection

bcp "[Dbname]..[TableName]" OUT "[FilePath\FileName.DAT]" -t "[Delimeter]" -c -S"[ServerName]" -T

riteinfotechAuthor Commented:
if i want to specify different spaces for every field than what should be exact bcp cpmmand

like i have 6 fields in a table and i want text file like
   1                       2                          3                   4                  5                     6  
ramdev[2 space]sharma[10 space]manager[6 space]26[4 space]25000[10 space]1980

and all teh data from table should be copied in same format,in this case what would the exact bcp command
with systax .
please help
you could just use a SQL query in your bcp command to do that,

so instead of using a table name, put your query into a view, and then execute the view
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