NTBackup gives errors when mounting media

Good day
I have Hp DDS 4 device using NtBackup on Server 2003
I scedule my backups ,when i run it ,it gives me a error cant mount media when i go into computer management
removeable storage ,it shows some of the media as off-line,
This backup was working for about 3 days then it started with its cr*p
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mcp_jonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The fastes thing to do is to recreate the job and initialize all tapes with Ntbackup !

Check this link " http://www.microsoft.com/technet/archive/winntas/maintain/monitor/backup.mspx?mfr=true " and

http://www.ntbackup.info/ntbackup/browse.php?p=9 " - The Resource for Windows NT Backup Users !

Best Regards !
Thanks fot the Points !

Best Regards !
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