Client Specification for WinForms Deployment


I am considering developing an application in WinForms. It won't be a particularly sophisticated application (no major number crunching or exotic requirements - just displaying and updating SQL Server data).

I found this article regarding minimum requirements for the .NET 2.0 Framework Redistributable:

Is this an appropriate guide for the specification of a workstation running a WinForms app or should I be factoring in additional overhead? Obviously the higher the workstation spec I can get the better however many of our workstations are getting on a bit and are unlikely to be replaced in the near future.

Urgent request hence the points

Many thanks for your help & time
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It depends on how much data you will be pulling down to the client at one time. If you are just pulling one record at a time, editing it, and then saving it back to the database, you're ok with any machine that supports .NET 2.0.

If, however, you are pulling down large datasets and editing them, you will probably want more memory than the minimum.

Assuming your application is as simple as you make is sound, you should be okay with the minimum requirements stated in the document you linked to.

Also, can you describe one of your machines to give us a better idea about what you're dealing with (i.e. processor speed, ram, etc.).


pootle_flumpAuthor Commented:
Hi Jason

Thanks for the response :-)

One doesn't want to underplay the application (ahem) but I wanted to stress it would not be likely to do anything flash that is likely to require specific consideration.

Reporting would be via reporting services so little strain on the client (AFAIK).
The clients with the lower end spec PCs would be using smaller datasets (<= 20 records at a time). They use apps that handle much larger datasets right now.

Most clients would be well in excess of the recommended spec but the lower end could be as low as 600MHz proc, 128MB RAM.

It still sounds to me like you are going to be okay. Of course, on a machine with those specs, you cannot expect any recent version of Windows or Windows applications to be too quick.

You should be fine, though.



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 Like jason said it depends on the amount of data that your application will work, but just looking at this requirements and the requirements of que SQL Server even de Express Edition or the MSDE I would suggest something a little more robust because in order to run a Operating System to support .NET Framework 2.0 you can take that at least 150 MB of RAM would be spend, then you have to think about the MSDE or SQL Server 2005 Express Edition that recommends 512 MB, and thinking that your application is not goining to use it all we could look at it has 200 MB only for the SQL Server, and then there's the .NET Framework 2.0 that would take something like 50 MB. All this will be 400 MB used of memory, and so i would recommend that more important than the processor speed you consider at least 512 MB RAM for your machine, and the processor speed of at least 1 GHz.

 Hope it helped,

   Nuno Godinho
pootle_flumpAuthor Commented:
Hi Nuno

Quick clarrification - the SQL Servers are on remote, dedicated well specced servers not on the clients.

The clients will be running the OS (XP pro) and normal office apps as well as this ASP .NET app which will send requests to the remote SQL Servers and then display the (small) data returns. I think that the actual data processing of the app would be negligible so I am pretty well asking what would the load of running a WinForms 2.0 app be?


   In order to run the in this case i'll say that the application will not have more than 50 MB of memory, and 50 MB more for the .NET Framework 2.0, and so i think 256 MB should be enough and the processor speed 1GHz because of the WinXP pro, but the best way is to have 512 MB RAM because of the Operating System.

Best Regards,

  Nuno Godinho
pootle_flumpAuthor Commented:
Hi guys

Thanks for the comments. I guess no one else is likely to contribute now.

Many thanks and see you again on the forums!
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