Change default folder/location in Windows Explorer

Sounds simple. I followed all the instructions (including Microsoft's) to change the default folder in which Windows Explorer  (not IE) opens up in -- but it still wants to open up in 'Start Menu' and hang for a few seconds.
I changed the target to: %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /n, /e, /select, C:\  -- but it still goes to Start Menu.
The 'Location' in General is: C:\Documents and Settings\user\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories -- so I suppose that's why it's going there. Anyone know how to get it to default to C:\  upon opening?
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Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorCommented:
Changing the Windows Explorer Default View to My Computer
1. Click Start, point to Programs, and then point to Accessories.
2. Right-click Windows Explorer, and then click Properties.
3. In the Target box, replace the current text with the following text:
%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e,::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}
4. Click OK.

To return Windows Explorer to the default setting, type the following text in the Target box:
%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e,::{450D8FBA-AD25-11D0-98A8-0800361B1103}


Configuring Windows Explorer
1. Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, right-click Windows Explorer, and then click Properties.
2. Click the Shortcut tab.
3. Add the following text behind the text in the Target box:
The text in the Target box should then appear as:
%systemroot%\explorer.exe /e,/root,  
4. Click OK. When you start Windows Explorer, the root drive is the default view.  


straight out of windows help via start menu
fredshovelAuthor Commented:
Thanks Ryan_R, but this doesn't work -- still defaults to Start Menu and hangs for a few seconds.
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fredshovelAuthor Commented:
This is what's happening: The location is C:\Documents and Settings\user\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Windows Explorer -- if you follow this path and click on 'Explorer' it does what it's supposed to do and goes to My Computer.
...but it hangs on the 'Start Menu' part and doesn't complete the path.
Here's the current shortcut: %systemroot%\explorer.exe

And to add to the problem I removed the above shortcut for a test -- now the 'target' and 'start in' are greyed out and can't be changed -- but still hangs at 'start up'.
fredshovelAuthor Commented:
<...but it hangs on the 'Start Menu' part and doesn't complete the path.> ...when accessed from windows 'Start'.
Create a shortcut on your desktop of explorer.exe

Right click and choose properties.

Target: %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e
Start In: C:\

Apply changes.
fredshovelAuthor Commented:
Thanks egl1044, I've already done that.
But that doesn't fix the link from START/Explore; I need to know what the registry changes are to fix that link .
Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorCommented:
right click Start Button (or All Programs menu) and choose Open
right click the Explorer shortcut and change the target to the above

or just copy the shortcut from the desktop into your start menu

should be all done
Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorCommented:
although i'm running xp the windows help only provided solutions for Win 2000 - posted it anyway just in case
fredshovelAuthor Commented:
Hey Merete,

Lack of response due to holiday (your turf) on Fraser Island/Bundaberg/Sunshine Coast/Gold Coast/Byron Bay. Probably so close I could have handed you the points.

P.S. 4WDriving on Fraser Island got the adrenaline going -- but is XXXX really worth $5 a hit at the Kingfisher -- and $60 per head for a seafood buffett?
Byron Bay was the best ( you wouldn't expect me to say anything less would you?).


P.P.S. It probably is a 'shell folders' thing -- but I couldn't figure it out. Still got the prob.
Ha! great to hear fredshovel awsome should have kept driving north.. gets better bigger mountains, Cairns way I live.
Rainforests waterfalls long winding beaches beautiful Islands dolphins swimming freely around, so many diferent shades of green foggy mornings.
Gee that sounds good and I live here :)

Thank you for the points. Just to elaborate  Windows Explorer is windows .
 Mine is in  Accessories and when I rightclick it properties it states shortcut  target >
system root of course is C:\ on my computer.
The start menue/accessories location is just a shortcut pointing to the directory C:windows and I am not sure you can change that as explorer has a lot of sub directories.
I did find this topic which shows you how to run Explorer in different modes.

Explorer Tips
Running the Explorer in Separate Process (NT/XP Only)

Cheers Merete

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