how to identify my router?

hi there,
I don't know my router modem and I need to log-in...
I reset the router so now I believe it'll have the factory value.
on the front panel I have in white writing "Broadband Firewall Router" and to the right all the leds for the connections and a reset button.
Node ID: 004001517493
Made in Taiwan GYX3B3661
with 4 little blue flags ordered like          *
                                                         * *
                                                           * NET
any1 can help me???
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ee_ai_constructConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PAQ / Refund
ee ai construct, community support moderator
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
You don't know the manufacture and model number?
orenisraeli2000Author Commented:
I guess the manuis net
and model is fr-3014
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In default it probably enables DHCP. Get an IP from the router and the gateway will be the router.
For login try admin, admin, 1234, password, root, as a start.
The circuit board probably has more info on it.
You can also search by the mac address.
00-40-01   (hex)            ZYXEL COMMUNICATIONS, INC.
004001     (base 16)            ZYXEL COMMUNICATIONS, INC.
                        4F, 111, CHUNG SHAN N. ROAD
                        SEC 2,  TAIPEI
                        TAIWAN R.O.C.
                        TAIWAN, REPUBLIC OF CHINA
orenisraeli2000Author Commented:
thank you all
I managed to find out the user and p/w, every time I access a router IE pop up an login dialog,
I saw on the upper right corner it says ISSCFG and I found :
thank you all for your help
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