windows Pf use

when viewing my computers task manager ..........the PF usage there is almost 100 this makes my PC work a real slow ....
why is the PF usage is too much ???

i am not playing a game .....well just uses WMP , a downlaod acceralater ,messenger and broswer ......well are these tings enough to use all of my avalable memory .???

i have service pack 2 with 512 Mb Ram and D915 intel board ....

what might be the problem of this PF usage ???
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any windows upadtes running I have seen this a recent big problem with very large downloads recently, have you rebooted and noticed any updates sitting on the shutdown panel?
Once the updates have finished it seems to stop, btw do you have xpsp2 installed/ if not r/click my computer and check if it has installed via the windows updates, see xpsp1 support ends OCT 10th 2006 and the windows updates are now installing sp2 auto.
If you have zpsp2 installed you may need more ram.

Ok here is my own maintinence I run when I experience 100% cpu usage.
 as I had to write it so many times I have now a copy of it handy :)

(1)run the disc cleanup utiliy from start all programs accessories system tools.
Include the temp folder.
if you have system restore enabled and monitoring it maybe using a large % of your hdd if you never delete old restore points.
Using the disc cleanup utility at start all programs system tools> run disc cleanup then> more options>you can free up space by removing all but the most recent restore points.
In the settings of system restore ( r/click my computer properties) system restore settings, reduce the amount of hdd space to 1 % that is plenty
run the defrag and chkdsk utilities in system tools. or from run cmd these are even better.
 run a trial of regestry cleaner.

check for malware spyware. as suggested
download HijackThis 1.99.1,
Just choose your country

Open Hijackthis, click scan and save a logfile" donot fix" to the desktop or
browse to the hijackthis folder where it installed to and copy out the log file
onto the desktop.
Now open a web page copy this URL and paste it into the browser  
and go there.
Open the hijackthis logfile on your desktop.
usually quite big, go to edit and copy contents and paste here into the small windows or panel
look directly below the panel or window see the small analyze
once you hit analyze it will analyse it immediately
you will know by the fact the panel is now empty
just scroll down below this now empty panel and you can see your analysed log,
Have a look at your analysed file and see if there is any Nasties.
Right at the bottom of your analysedlog is the option to save it.
Please click on Save and save it.
Copy this address/url and paste it here.
Update drivers use only drivers xp certified. Check system devices.

Now your machine is a lot cleaner. for problems look in control panel administrative tools event viewer then applications errors
stage 2:
You may some errors related for slow log off you may have a profile hive problem.
Frequently, a driver or application leaks registry handles, which means the driver or application opens the registry but doesn't close it. The open registry isn't a problem until you log off, when the profile of the logged-on user tries to unload the user's registry but fails because it's still in use.
download here

Windows Startup Inspector is a Windows? platform software that helps Windows? user to manage Windows? startup applications. On, there are more than 3,400 known programs in the database. Windows Startup Inspector can thus provide a consultative information on the programs that are running at your Windows startup process. Whether a program is necessary to the system, or is the program a spy ware.

Process Explorer shows you information about which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded.

Power supply Units become over loaded when constantly adding new hardware, upgrade the PSU.
Check the mainboard for any swollen capicitors.
run a memory tester
When a PC begins acting strangely, it's time to test the RAM. A good utility for doing this is Memtest86.
couple more ideas to clean up space:
r/click my computer properties system restore? if it is monitoring you can see the settings reduce this 1% or simply switch it off.
Using teh disc cleanup utility start all programs accessories system tools, start it first, once it done calculating using the more options/remove all but the most restore points.
Delete the contents of the temp folder usually found in C docs and settings user account, it is hidden probably so using folder options show all hidden files etc.
If you f drive is a slave from now whenever you install NON windows programs it asks you where to save them, choose f drive and then allow shortcuts on the desktop.
I use this technique.
Have a slaved hdd for everything.
Uninstall your games or try copying the entire folder over to F drive look inside the game for the .exe create a shortcut to it inside this game cut that out and paste onto C drive desktop, run it and see if it works if it does uninstall the game from c drive you wont need it. More space freed.

Go to add remove programs and remove old updates for drivers. Old programs.
That is why it is good to uninstall them sometimes and delete all the old updates then re-install with the latest.
NVIDIA cards drivers can be huge.
Internet Explorer and other browsers cache Web pages you've accessed. To limit the size of this cache, right-click the Internet Explorer icon and choose Properties. On the General tab, click the Settings button under 'Temporary Internet files'. Decrease the 'Amount of disk space to use' value. such as 200 megs should be sufficient.

Delete the Index.dat
Index.dat are files hidden on your computer that contain all of the Web sites that you have ever visited. Every URL, and every Web page is listed there. Not only that but all of the email that has been sent or received through Outlook or Outlook Express is also being logged. The file names and locations depend on what version of Internet Explorer you have. If you are running IE version 4.0 or above, the file name is "index.dat".  Microsoft has not supplied an adequate explanation as to what these files are for or why they have been hidden so well.
run ccleaner to delete old index.dat files.

Tool for flushing the Prefetch log and controlling the Prefetch Parameters.

Then defrag all the drives.
here's a thread that might help you.
You need to check that your pagefile is set correctly.

You say you have windows XP so first find out how much ram you have (512MB)

Start > Control Panel > Advanced > Performance Settings > Advanced > Set Processor Useage and Memory useage to "Programs.

Click "Change" under Virtual Memory:

Set Custom Size to:
Initial Size = 1.5X RAM Amount (1.5 * 512 = 782) 782MB
Maximum Size = 2 X RAM Amount (2 * 512 = 1024) 1024MB

Ok that and reboot
Cloud Class® Course: Microsoft Windows 7 Basic

This introductory course to Windows 7 environment will teach you about working with the Windows operating system. You will learn about basic functions including start menu; the desktop; managing files, folders, and libraries.

It's not necessarily a "problem". It's a common misconception that the page file is only supposed to get used when your physical RAM is full.
magnetic_kisserAuthor Commented:
oh no..............................i have misstyped or asked some thing else ...........Sorry ...............well it was CPU usage ....not pf usage ....

my CPU usage is 100% ............why i dont knew .....
Ahh, yes CPU Usage at 100 is bad :)
In Task Manager then, go to the Processes tab.
If you click in CPU, it will sort the processes in order of which have the highest CPU usage.
You should then be able to see which processes are hogging the CPU and we can hopefully help you fix it.
magnetic_kisserAuthor Commented:
welll how may i knew this ?? there any specific thing which might not run in the processes tab ??
magnetic_kisserAuthor Commented:
@ Kenneniah

dear u got points for a good informative answer ..........well my question was not abt it but still it was informative....

@  Merete

gr8 reply

thankz to all of u ......!!!
:) your wellcome
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