Ignore a quote.

I have a tough one, I'm replacing a text string with "blank" BUT, the text string contains a quote so I'm getting a build error that is expecting a )..

string results = sb.ToString().Replace("<PolicyDataSet xmlns="http://www.microtrends.net/PolicyDataSet.xsd>"","")
I can't escape the quote because then it doesn't replace the striing because it's not exact...

How can I get it to work, any thoughts?
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It looks like your quote is in the wrong place. You should put your quotes inside of the brackets like:
<PolicyDataSet xmlns="http://www.microtrends.net/PolicyDataSet.xsd">

<PolicyDataSet xmlns="http://www.microtrends.net/PolicyDataSet.xsd>"

So, it looks to me that your issue is not escaped double quotes, but misplaced double quotes. The above code would look like:

string results = sb.ToString().Replace("<PolicyDataSet xmlns=\"http://www.microtrends.net/PolicyDataSet.xsd\">","")


You wouldn't have this problem if the xmlns attribute had single quotes rather than double.

StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder("This is a test. <PolicyDataSet xmlns='http://www.microtrends.net/PolicyDataSet.xsd'> This is the end of the test");
Console.WriteLine("Before: " + sb.ToString());
string results = sb.ToString().Replace("<PolicyDataSet xmlns='http://www.microtrends.net/PolicyDataSet.xsd'>","");
Console.WriteLine("After: " + results);

Can you make this change easily? If not, you could use regular expressions to change the double quotes to single quotes before you call Replace().

boukakaAuthor Commented:
I moved the quote and it worked perfectly!!! Thank you so much, I was going insane.
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