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Moving a Server 2000/Exchange 2000 DC to Server 2003/Exchange 2003

Here is some more information:
we have three servers:
remote 1 (Termainl Services 2003)
Storage 01 NAS 2003 Device
server1 (2000 DC and Exchange 2000)
The DC is over 4 years old and has NO redundancy ( one HD) my only option to install a new 2003 DC with Excange 2003
We have a new server that need to be the DC and Exchange server
Here is what I understand:
1 Install server 2003 on the new server
2 Add the new server as a member domain
3 run ADPrep /forestprep on the 2000 box from the 2003 CD
4 run ADPrep /domainprep on the 2000 box for the 2003 CD
5 run run dcpromo on the server 2003
6 install the global catalog service on the server 2003
7 Install Exchange 2003
run the Exchange tools for the cd to move the syytem/public and mailbox folders
Am I way off? any help and suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks everyone
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1 Solution
That is about it.
You are doing a standard migration, just with domain control thrown in. Take a look at my web site for more information: http://www.amset.info/exchange/migration.asp

aww001Author Commented:

Thanks for the help. What is the down time? I was going to try this tonight.

It can be done with zero downtime - except for the small window when you are moving mailboxes - and that only affects up to four users at any one time.

If you think you are going to get this done in a night, think again.

Public/System folder replication off Exchange 2000 is very slow. I will usually build the server and configure replication on the Monday before a weekend move. You cannot speed up the replication process - it is a trait of Exchange 2000.

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aww001Author Commented:
Does this look right? is there anything missing?

1) Add the new windows 2003 to the existing domain
2) point DNS on the new Windows 2003 to the existing Windows server
3) Run DCPROMO on the new windows 2003 server as an additional domain controller in the existing domain
4) Now you have both DC's in the same domain.  Install the DNS service on the new Windows 2003 server
5) Go into TCP/Ip properties of both servers and point DNS to the NEW windows 2003 server.
6) Transfer the FSMO roles to the new server:  http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb%3Ben-us%3B324801
7) MAke the new Windows 2003 server a Global catalog server:  http://www.windowsitpro.com/Articles/Index.cfm?ArticleID=13375&DisplayTab=Article
8) Reconfigure any DHCP scopes to include new DNS server IP address (as an alternative as a last step, swap the IP address of the new and old server)
9) Configure DNS forwarding on the New Windows 2003 server (Go into the DNS console, right click your server name, choose properties.  Click the Forwarders tab...enter the ISP DNS servers IP address and click OK.
10) Install Exchange 2003 on the new Windows 2003 server...make sure that you pick that this is an additional Exchange server in the same organization.
11) In AD Users and Computer, right click the user name and choose Exchange Tasks...pick Move mailbox...pick new mail server.  Do this for all of your users.
12) Run DCPROMO on the old server to remove this as a domain controller.
Not bad.
Couple of things to add.

Before migrating any mailboxes, make sure that the public and system folders have been replicated across. Failure to do that will cause some performance issues with Outlook.

I wouldn't move the FSMO roles until the machine has had some time to bed in. As long as the Windows 2003 DC is also a GC, the FSMO roles can be moved at a later date.

aww001Author Commented:
THANKS I just printed out your link (Great Stuff)
Thanks again for the help. I'm just about to start the move. I'll let you know how things go

aww001Author Commented:
When I first ran Adprep /forestprep I got an error     there is a schema conflict with exchange 2000
so I ran from the Exchange CD on the 2000 server setup /forestprep
now when I run adprep /forestprep on get this:       adprep requires access to existing forest-wide information from the schema master

So I found this link  but I'm having no luck getting aprep to run


Has anyone seen this before??

aww001Author Commented:
Here is some more info:

This DC is running in mixed mode 2000/NT4.0

so the AD domain is my-domain.com
and the pre-Windows 2000 name is DOMAIN

Also I can not run IP config form the 2000 DC

ipconfig is not recognized as an internal or external command

aww001Author Commented:

I resolved the ipconfig problem by typing. path c:\winnt\systems32 at the command prompt

After I was able to run forestprep domainprep and install exchange on my new server.

I change the Global catalog from sites and service on the new server and unchecked the GC on the old server. I can not access my mailboxes or public folders in ESM!!!!

I'm going to read your link again to see if there is anything I'm missing.

Thanks Simon
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