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CFMail problem

One of my forms on a website is not delivering results. The form submits fine. I have been over the code 100 times and can't find anything. All other forms on the site work.

<cfif trim(len(Email)) LT 1>
    You must provide an email address.<br>
    Use the back button in your browser to correct the problem.<br><br>

<CFSET thisPath= ExpandPath("resumes/")>
<CFSET thisDirectory= GetDirectoryFromPath(thisPath)>

<cfif trim(len(resume)) GT 4>
cfif cffile.serverfileext EQ "exe">
               You are attempting to upload an executable file.<br><br>
                Please use the back button in the browser to upload a file that is not executable.


<cfset resume='#File.ServerFile#'>

<cfmail to="#form.email#" from="#form.resumeemail#" subject="#form.subject#" type="html" bcc="caroline@advancedwebs.biz">

<cfif trim(len(form.resume)) GT 0>      
      <cfmailparam file="#GetDirectoryFromPath(thisPath)#/#resume#">

#form.subject# <br><br>
From job posting: #jobID#<br><br>
<cfloop index="thefield" list="#form.fieldnames#">
    <cfset fields="#thefield# = #evaluate(thefield)#">
    <CFIF #fields# contains "submit" or #fields# contains "required"
            OR #FIELDS# contains "recipient" or #fields# contains "subject"
            or #FIELDS# contains "redirect">

1 Solution
The code looks fine.  Any restrictions on your SMTP server that might be denying this?  Instead of <cfmail>ing this, just <cfoutput>all the values and make sure you are getting what you expect to be getting.
semerjAuthor Commented:
no. all the other forms on the site work.
check your cfmail.log and see if theres an entry for it.  let's see if it's even trying to email it.
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I do see one small error in the code above...

You are missing the opening "<" in the following code:  cfif cffile.serverfileext EQ "exe">
semerjAuthor Commented:
Copy and paste error. It is in the actualo code on the page.
One thought I have is that by default CFMail spools these emails and I have had problems in the past with this (Especially with attachments as they tend to be lower priority). One thing you can try is to set the spoolenable="no" in the CFmail tag and possibly specify the server,username and password parameters to test it and see if that makes a difference.
Thanks for the points.  Guessing there was an issue with SMTP?  What was the final resolution to this, so that others might learn from it?
semerjAuthor Commented:
Kind of. Actually, I misnamed one of the form fields which resulted in the email field being blank and CF not sending the mail.
Thanks for the follow up!
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